Renault / my renault fluence got a break down after regular service from the showroom workshop and the workshop

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Dear Sir / Madam. Date: 16/03/2017
After complements. I want to inform you that:
1. I booked my car 95938H VIN: VFILZL5T5BC240085, for service on date 13/02/2017, 9.00 AM
2. I handed over the car to the showroom, workshop for service on 12/02/2017. with a complain noted as 10, 000kM service & coil lamp in cluster meter is showing sometimes.
3. The service adviser advised me the car needs injector, throttle and body cleaning which will cost me OMR75.
4. I handed over the car on 12/02/2017, 16:15 PM to Mr. Shivraj, the service adviser; the car in good working condition, which I drove from Shinas College of Technology to Sohar with good acceleration and peak up and with absolute no problem with the gears. (it is rightly mentioned in the service notification handed over to me and attached here with for your kind references)
5. I got a call from the work shop the cost of repair because of some additional problems would range OMR 369 which includes some robber parts are to be changed.
6. I asked them to repair the item only for my complaints and nothing else because the mounting was not noisy so it was not required to be changed urgently. The quotation is attached herewith for your kind references; note that, they did not mention any thing regarding the CVT gear box.
7. They took a test drive and handed over me the car after receiving the money OMR70, 13/02/2017 at 17:35 PM
8. While driving back to home, I found the coil and spanner lamp again in the cluster meter, which was my original complain in addition to this there was lack of power while driving. I could not maneuver the car to home and returned to the showroom workshop immediately.
9. The service adviser sent the car again for the test drive with the driver driving with me. The driver also detected the same problem.
10. I handed over the car to the showroom again on 13/02/2017 at 18:35PM.
11. Since then my car is in the show room and yesterday (15/03/2017) they have informed me that, the CVT is not working. The amount coated is OMR2110 after 65% discount on parts and 50% discount on labor (I have asked for a quotation and a technical report which I have not received till date.)
12. Finally out of disgust, I brought back the car for that also the workshop charged OMR25.
13. My point is:
i. I have handed over my car in good working condition. How can I accept a car which is not running and pay for it, which is more than the cost of the car?
ii. I fail to understand how there can be a CVT failure suddenly. As an engineer, I know that, this can happen only when there is negligence in the service of the CVT or it has been done intentionally. All the services and additional repairs have been done from the day one of the purchase of the car at the same show room workshop (SUHAIL BAHWAN AUTOMOBILE LLC, SOHAR BRANCH).
iii. I have asked for a technical report on the failure of the gearbox and a quotation for the replacement of the item. I am informed that, the legal Department is preparing the report. If lawyers can write the technical failure report, there is no need of managers with engineering qualification and technician is not necessary at all for any problem.
Finally my car is parked in the parking of my apartment, demonstrating the skills of the NISSAN work shop of SOHAR, OMAN & how the passion of life Renault is …….. 

Mar 21, 2017

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