Renaultinability to repair vehicle correctly.

I bought a Renault Megan break 2007. 24-ds-13 on the 4 of October this year at Renault Ansiao Silva e santos Portugal for €5, 995.
The car went to Renault pombal for a week's revision. It returned with no air con and broken vents. We drove the car for 3 days when the entire engine failed. 5 weeks it spent in the garage and the engine sent to france and returned with a faulty clutch and the bonnet hanging off. Took it back in for repair and now has the same issues with the clutch and no air con for the 3rd time. This will be the 4th time the car has had to go into this garage. My partner lost his job due to having to constantly have the car in the garage, the Sat nav was stolen from my glove box during the last repair of which no-one will admit fault. Due to Renaults failure to fix my car my partner and I have lost thousands of euros not to mention emotional stress of which I had to be hospitalized.
I have no confidence in this garage they have not completed the correct training as the receptionist revealed to us. The owners have been rude, unhelpful and now we are expected to pay €2000 to pombal rent a car that Renault paid for and rented on our behalf. We had an accident which was not our fault and have a police report to support that. I am extremely angry and unsatisfied with Renault and should nothing be done our next step is to take Renault to court. I hope you can help avoid this happening and would appreciate a prompt response.
Hollie Topping


Dec 03, 2018

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