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Remit2India / remit2india cheating customers!

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This is an experience I wanted to share with a broader community about the ripoff I had when transferring some funds overseas using Remit2India service whose funds transferrer is Citibank. These companies have been taking customers for granted and fooling them with advertising false exchange rates and transferring money at much lower rate than advertised on the website. I transferred $2001 using their service to my NRE account in India on 8th November.However the funds got converted on 13Nov and they have transferred the money @34.38 when it was advertised on the Net @ 35.16.

Upon following this with their team they accepted the mistake over the phone but sent a email telling that they wont transfer the balance. This is just a rip off of innocent customers who falls prey to fraudulent companies like this. I would not recommend Remit2India service to anyone and I would be taking up legal actions against this company so that it doesn't trap any other customers with their false advertisement.

They take Australian customers for granted and don't provide customer service. I have been reading loads of complaints about this company online and its time that some action needs to be taken. I would strongly recommend ICICI Bank's Money to india service as they don't rip off customers like this and provide a much better level of service.

DON'T SEND MONEY OVERSEAS USING because next time you wouldn't even know if your money would reach to your loved ones. This company does nothing else except for promising to give better exchange rates and advertise cr*p on their website.

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  • Dh
      30th of Nov, 2007
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    I have a similar experience but mine is a little different.

    They did it 3 times to me. In March 2006, October 2007 and November 2007.

    Every time they promised to send the difference but never did.
    Will you believe one transaction was of March 2006 and they didn't send the difference yet. I thought they would have sent the difference since they promised but I guess you just will have to go to a India to get your money.

  • Sa
      27th of Sep, 2008
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    Remit2India Complaints - Big Cheaters

    If you are sending money to india by remitt2india you will loose your money one day. They do transfer untill they get your confidence then one day suddenly one day they your funds will not reach to you. and yes then you are lost write thousands of email call many tims, they will not transfer it.

    Here really story goes on ..
    I was using this service since years and this time they gave me glitch.
    My money which I transffred on 29th of May is still not reached to us by now (september 29th).

    I call them every week for the issue they make falls promises that they will reply me in 24-48 hours. but no reply and story goes on since months.

    DON'T SEND MONEY OVERSEAS USING because next time you wouldn't even know if your money would reach to your loved ones. This company does nothing else except for promising to give better exchange rates and advertise crap on their website.
    Here you read the email I exchanged with them.

    SO please beaware from these cheaters. I am looking for a lawyer and let you know if I can sue these idiots.
    Now you read one following messages.

  • Pa
      22nd of Jun, 2009
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    I strongly agree with above posters. Its been over 2 weeks that money has been debited my foreign account but has not reached my NRI bank account yet. I have already called them thrice and sent them numerious emails but only response I got is "apology for the deley" without any explaination. Their customer service centre is pathatic. Customer service have only authority to write to Relationship manager is even more kind of gem. She kept calling me for promotion but has disappeared since I have intiated the tranaction. Once I received back my money I am done with them…BEWARE PEOPLE!!!

  • Cs
      23rd of Jun, 2009
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    Dear Pahadia,

    I am writing of behalf of Remit2India. To enable us to assist you, pelase write to us at


  • De
      26th of Aug, 2009
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    Remit 2 india is the worst money transfer service. They do not act on your transaction for 3 to 4 days. They cheat you out of excess fees that is not told up front. Remit 2 India are cheats. AVOID!!!

  • Ra
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    remit2india is really ripping off your money.

    i got transferred 100 pounds to India and it gave me rate of rs. 75.38 compared to current rate of rs 79.50

    i would prefer western union which gives good rate and instant transfer...

    stay away from using remit2india services.

  • Cs
      8th of Sep, 2009
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    Dear Rahul Pawar,

    I am writing on behalf of remit2india.

    On September 04, 2009, we have sent e-mail to your e-mail id registered with us addressing your concern on exchange rate applied to your remittance.

    Should you require any further clarification, please write to us at


  • Pa
      8th of Sep, 2009
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    I got my indian bank credited after 15 days and less by 20 Euro. I have paid extra to my local bank for bank transfers which Remit2India claim to have included in missing 20 Euro. There customer service is crap, relationship manager is dumb and they seams to be playing cheat game.Here is two contrary statetement provided by Remit2India for my transactions.

    Dear XXX,
    Thank you for your patience.

    We would like to inform you that Euro 10 has been deducted as Sender charges.Accordingly, we have received only Euro 3980 in our account and the same has been dispatched to your beneficiary.

    For the security of your account information and in your interest, we earnestly request you to communicate with us only through your registered e mail address.

    Looking forward to your continued patronage and hope that you find our services convenient.

    Should you need any clarifications, e mail us at

    Dear XXX,

    We thank you for your patience.

    As per our further investigation, the total senders charge levied was 19.95 Euros.

    We request you to kindly confirm the same with your local bank.

    Assuring you of our best service always.

    Should you need any clarifications, email us at

    Dear XXX,

    Thank you for writing to us.

    As per our investigation, the 10 Euros are deducted by Deutsche Bank and remaining 9.95 Euros seems to be charges by your remitting bank.

    We request you to kindly co-ordinate with your bank for details on the same.

    Assuring you of our best service always.

    Should you need any clarifications, email us at

  • Gk
      4th of Jun, 2010
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    They have ripped me off with the exchange rate, and manything, i am planning to close the account

  • Ha
      19th of Aug, 2010
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  • Sv
      10th of Feb, 2014
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    Similar situation with my last four transactions. On my last transaction they have paid me with 61.45/dollar but the conversion rate on the website is 61.74/Dollar. This is cheating.

  • Cs
      20th of Feb, 2014
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    Dear Mr. Veervelli,
    I am writing on behalf of Remit2India.
    We understand that our Relationship Manager has spoken to you and addressed your concerns.
    For any further clarification/assistance, please write to us at We shall be glad to assist you.

  • An
      21st of Oct, 2014
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    booked my transaction on 10th of Oct through netbanking. The indicative rate was 53.40. No words from ### for 10 days. Today 22-Oct got the money in Indian account. Got 52.98 rate (Including fees $9 and Rs 114 service charges.. This company is
    fraud and unethical.

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