[Resolved] ReloGulf / Thievery

I sent several items, 36 boxes plus 2 motorcycles, 1 Honda CRF 450 and 1
CRF 250 both brand new, from Dubai to Italy, it was June 2012 and paid
regularly the shipping plus the insurance for the bikes at Relogulf.
The boxes arrive in Italy in October, 1 missing, the best one full of expensive books... never saw it again!
The motorcycles never arrived, the wanted 1200 UK Sterlings to bring
them to Italy because the clause of the contract was to collect the bike
"at the warehouse"... I knew that and expected to be somwhere in Italy,
no, it is in a never heard rathole in UK.
The bikes have been both stolen there, it is my fault, they said, and
the insurance does not cover that becuuse I did not collect in times the
I contacted the insurance company in Hong Kong, the one I tought I had, they never heard my name!!
I hired AL BAHAR & ASSOCIATES in Dubai, they cannot do nothing...
after 1 year they haven't done much, or at least if they have done
something, no results.
I lost 12.000 euros thanks to the ReloGulf/ReloUK, I should have known
as there is a book of insults complains about those guys on the web.
sadly I got to know that way too late.
I should know as well that Dubai still keep the heritage of being a
pirate place, especially after dealing with the guys at relogulf... I
wonder why the authorities, if there is any, allow those things to
happen still!

I will built a blog very soon making sure it will pop out on searches
telling all the story, all the documents and all the emails... better
everybody know about how ### can some people be, it wil be very
nice meaningful URL!!

  • Resolution statement

    As for April 2014 the new ownership of relogulf is addressing all the compalains/refund properly and hopefully the case will be solved quickly. I will update as soon as I wil have some more information. It seems like the bad old days of Relogulf are finally ending. Stay tuned. I was wrong same bounch of thieves, thei forced me to put resolved on my complaint with promises but at the end they offered me 500 dirhams as reimbursement for the insurance they never did!!!

Apr 16, 2014

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