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Loan on my house for furnace rent
On August 2012 I called Reliance to buy furnace and AC. Next day came a lady her name is Bitty. and she show me two models and I choose Carrier model.
She told me the price totally after tax is $8400.00, which I can pay it now or I can rent the appliances for $141.00 plus tax ($159.33).
She told me that after 5 years I can cancel the rent or I buy the appliances with its value at that time, which will be less than the price at the purchase date.
I asked: if the house is sold before 5 years what will happen? She told me there are two options:
1- the buyer accept to take the lease contract over with the same conditions, or
2- I can buy it off and in this case they will calculate how much I paid until the closing date and I have to pay the rest.

After almost 4 years (June 30 2016) I sold the house and the buyer didn't accept the lease contract, then I had to choose the second option. Then came a big surprise, Reliance registered a loan as 2nd Mortgage of $8920.77 against my house (Loan # [protected]. The lawyer cut it from the price. I thought it is okay because Reliance will pay me back what I paid in 4 years (about $7650.00).
No cent, They refused to pay any cent back and they continue to withdraw $159.33 from my account automatically for 2 months after the closing, until I asked my bank to stop it.
After 3 or 4 month they send me cheque $26.55, yes believe me 26 dollars and fifty five cents. THANK YOU RELIANCE.
is this fare? the took the price twice?

I believe that Reliance have to refund me what I paid in 4 years minus reliable percentage as intrest in 4 years.

Name: Raafat Ghobrial

Jan 08, 2017
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      Feb 01, 2017

    Reliance is a bunch of [censor] artists. We had the same program and we called to get the buy out price and were told it was more than the original amount as well. We purchased in 2011 and they are still looking for $10, 000.00 for us to payout if we want to own the equipment.

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