Reliance Home Comfortclosing an account - does the prior owner have a legal obligation to provide the new owner information

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After a very frustrating exchange with Leo [protected] I still do not understand what is needed to close out an account. Leo says I need to provide the new owner information, I asked Leo was this part of the signed contract for the water heater? Leo says no. I ask what is our legal obligation to close the account. He says I need to provide the new owner information. So we talk in circles and I still have no idea what, in the era of information privacy, I am supposed to provide about a new owner. .

Isn't getting the new owner information your job not mine?

Leo can't answer this question.

In any case account#[protected] is closed. The account has been paid in full.

Someone on the customer service should be able to answer the very simple questions above.


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      Dec 25, 2017

    An article named Lien on me: Furnace rental contracts can be registered against your home which unveiled Reliance’s immoral behaviors was posted on the news paper The Hamilton Spectator. The writer Al MacRury asked anyone who has had a consumer problem to contact him. Call [protected] or email him at [protected] 

    In the article, it said: The Ministry of Consumer Services says it's watching the marketplace and will respond if there's any sign of trouble. So let’s all shout it out and let our voices be heard. We need to work together and put them out of business.

    You can read the article by opening the link below:

    There are some other authoritative figures we can use to let our voice be heard
    1. CBC marketplace
    Email: [protected]
    Mailing Address:
    CBC News: Marketplace
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5W 1E6
    Fax: [protected]

    2.Office of consumer affair
    This is the place you must go. The link of its home page is:

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