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Im curently an employee of regis salon in the greenwood mall in bowling green kentucky. Every person that works in the salon is completely miserable. We have been instructed to not clock in when we get to work so that the company doesnt have to pay its employees the hourly rate of turn you can be at work for hours without getting that time you are expected to clean, do laundry, make retail sales, put out stock, & do inventory.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Bowling Green, KYThere is a lot of employees in our salon for the amount of customers that we have. I have recently been told that soon alot of people are not going to be happy there do to some "changes" being made. I didnt go to school and pay for a education to be treated like this. If things dont change a lawsuit will be filled, not to mention the labor board will be contacted, and the kentucky state board of cosmetology will be informed. If other salons that regis owns such as master cuts, trade secret, cost cutters, supercuts, and others can all be paid hourly rates why is regis so different?

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  • Ha
      Jul 25, 2010

    Mastercuts division has also had labor board issues. This happened in 2002, when Regis Co. changed their set hourly wages for all salon employees, stylist that made $14:00 dallors an hour would now make $7:25 an hour. With the change in wages the Co. offered productivity bonus, which started a sliding pay scale. The DM in this case, told the stylists at a mandatory meeting, " to clock out when it was slow, and do busy work, clean, stock retail and other non-productive work, and clock back in when needed." Needless to say, but the Regis Co. slaughtered a salon that received "The Directors Award, " that year to a salon in disbelief. Lower management and the stylist were questioned by the Labor Board, Regis Co.was fined. Then lower management was written up by the same DM for, "Inavertly trying to take down the Co. singly handed." I walked out with the Directors Award in hand thinking, WHAT WAS THAT?!!

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  • Su
      Jan 08, 2011

    I completely agree! I too am currently an employee at the Regis and I know exactly how you feel. Personally, I am a little aggravated that I've worked for the company for 3 years and make them a good amount of money with the clients that I bring in but in return you get crapped on if your not making them enough money!! We had like 5 people get a "write up" stating that if Jan comes and they don't raise their sales, they will be terminated! How unfare is that?! I mean you can't really bring in clients when there is no one in the mall! Theres another girl, who started 8 months after I did and does less in services and has had two raises now!! I've only had one and I had to wait 3 months after she got hers! like wtf?!! We have a really cool boss but I think theres times when he/she needs to step up and be the boss! You have to draw the line between friendships and come down on people that don't clean their shelves, or don't help with laundry. We have one girl whose been with the company for like 14 yrs and she's nothing but a stylist! She claims that she's worked for the company "long enough" to not have to do laundry! [censor]!! You dirty the towels too! Maybe not the capes, but that's cause she doesn't sanitize, she uses the same cape on EVERYONE! EEWWW! I feel this company never looks out for their employees and Yes they do make us clock out when we're not busy! But then again we had another girl get wrote up because she was working on a client and forgot to clock in from HAVING to clock out! Then theres the days when you're really busy and may not even get a break, and they EXPECT you to clock out! Oh and one more thing...when one of our girls "won" a prize for the monthly quota, they took out taxes for it on her check! Sorry, but if you "WON" something, you shouldn't have to pay taxes! Let's just say she could have bought the damn thing for what they made her pay in taxes! I don't wanna work for a company that won't advance you, I'd like to make more than just commission...I mean we can at least have the holidays a paid day off like any other job, or even a christmas bonus would be nice! But them...NO, Nothing!

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  • Sh
      Jan 19, 2013

    If you work in a Regis/SmartStyle in Utah, and are terminated (Laid Off), they are not registered with the unemployment office here in Utah.

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