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Regional Transportation District / Bad service

1600 Blake StreetDenver, CO, United States
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R.T.D. is a terrible customer service nightmare. They treat people poorly, fail to do thier jobs properly, and by far are not a safe means of transportation. I have had drivers preach the word of God to me, call the cops on me when I spoke against thier God( ask Ms. Barbra Brohl about the 14 last year and the two preachers). On Christmas Eve, 2006, the bus (0 southbound) drove by in a freezing, blowing snow blizzard never stopping at the 8th avenue and Broadway stop that evening leaving 10 people stranded. I called RTD and they could care less even though they left an elderly handicapped man stranded (we took care of the old man (68 years old) as he was crippled and mobility impaired on a walker). Last month my 11 year old daughter an I board a bus, and after my daughter shows the driver her transfer, I show him mine. The driver wants to see it closer so I give it to him but he drops it on the floor. As I get seated the driver starts yelling at me about treating him like a dog. I ask for a supervisor, he refuses an calls security to remove us. I comply, and call RTD. Ms. Merideth explains RTD will reimburse me the two fares, they don't. Twenty bucks says this driver has a history of customer complaints. Two weeks later same thing, different driver (0 northbound). This driver gives me an invalid transfer good for 10 minutes after his last stop. I call RTD while on his bus trying to avoid a confrontation. The driver relents and gives me a valid transfer but only after he realizes I am on the phone with RTD directly. Naiomi, the lady on the phone says she'll call me back and find out why my daughter and I were not reimbursed for the incident two weeks prior. Ms.Naomi never did call back. Today, the driver on the 0 southbound gives me an expired transfer upon boarding, he corrects it without a problem as it was an hour expired. He was a great driver who apologized for the error. The next 0 southbound from the I-25 station to Highland Ranch, as the first bus stops at the I-25 station, tells me my transfer is no good as it has the wrong date. I ask for a supervisor as it clearly had the correct date the 27th on it. No supervisor, just a bunch of verbal insults from the driver who realizes the error and decides to berate me anyway. So I tell the driver again I would like a supervisor called, no supervisor the driver just keeps going on. Finally enough is enough I tell the driver to shut up, I don't want a conversation. Most of the drivers are good people and they care, but for the sake of a few. Thus here is a complaint the world can see. Secondly, in twenty years of riding RTD, I have reported guns being carried on the bus by gang members, open drinking on the bus, gang members riding for free via intimidation, and folks they just don't care about thier passengers, it's all a PR ploy. So to RTD, if I see anything life threatening on your bus, what if I quietly get off at the next stop without a word? In over twenty years of riding RTD everyday, I have witnessed countless physical assaults, robberies, drug deals, open alcohol consumption, you name it, it all rides RTD. Some group of idiots were even shooting at the buses some years ago as a driver pointed out the bullet holes to me. Take the Colfax bus to Aurora (15), it's a real bang. A group of us have been riding the buses for years, we watch out for each other. Some are professional people and I have to question thier husbands good sense to let thier wives ride public transportation alone. The young kids riding to school everyday are really exposed to this crap. Why would any responsible parent ever let thier kid ride a bus alone is beyond me. That's insane folks. Do you want your wife and kids exposed to gangs, drugs, public drinking, countless sex offenders going to see thier parole officers? Put them on a bus by themselves, let them join the list of countless victims over the years. Don't tell them to ask for a supervisor, it ain't going to happen, I've tried, God have I tried. Only a board director once, Ms. Brohl, had the class to step up and do right; how does a couple of drivers tell people riding a bus they are going to hell for not being born again; then call the cops on you for getting fed up and telling one of the idiots "God is dead"? Thank you to the Denver Police Department for explaining the rights of free speech to the idiot. Thank you very much Ms. Brohl, you did care and you helped a lot, but the company you work for doesn't deserve you. They are depriving villages of idiots. What if some banger or misguided idiot goes off on a bus and assaults a passenger, what if I didn't see a thing. How about the next kid I see packing a piece on the bus, what if I don't say a thing, and let the driver end up being the last to know. Maybe the next time I watch them cut your seats, or vandalize your property, shatter the glass at a bus stop, I can just mind my own business and you can use that as an excuse to raise your fares so the passengers can pay for it. After awhile why should anybody care, RTD doesn't. The only thing that keeps me from giving up, and not caring, are the many good people who I have met over the years on the bus. I love and care about these people to much, but for how long...one day even I may just turn my back and walk away.

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