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I purchased an Regency Fireplace Products I1200 Wood Burning Stove to be installed by Morgan's Fireplaces (Centerville, Ohio) after purchase from them into a pre-fabricated fireplace chimney at my home.

I had another quote from another company and that company was going to insulate the new 6" stack pipe (approximately 20 feet in length) upon installation if they were awarded the job. I choose Morgan's cause their price was slightly less. The other company also informed me that they went to Regency's Fireplace Products installation class in Dekalb, IL for a week and that Regency requires all I1200's being installed into a pre-fab fireplace to be insulated around the stainless steel stack pipe.

Morgan's did not use insulation around the new stack pipe as I was there watching the installation process. For the last 3 weeks I have been tring to get a $3, 000 stove to put out heat and it will not do so. The old fireplace put out more heat than this $3, 000 stove which obviously when you spend that kind of money is not right.

Morgan's will not come back out to insulate the stack pipe and is unconcerned about my total lack of heat from the stove. Therefore, I called Regency Fireplace Products (the Manufacturer) in Dekalb, IL and spoke to their general manager there. He also is unwilling to address the problem at hand saying he cannot send his factory rep out without his Dealer being there and since his Dealer is unwilling to meet me on the job site he cannot send his rep out. Getting the runaround I am.

The other day this general manager told me that if the Dealer (Morgan's) and I were unable to resolve the situation then Ilinois would send their rep out to my home. Now he is unwilling to do what he said he would do. Also, this general manager confirmed to me that all pre-fabs with the I1200 need to be insulated around the stack pipe so that the proper temperature can be achieved in the home from the stove. He confirmed that this is how they teach their dealers to do it at their school.

The general manager would not even provide me with his email address nor would provide me with Regency's Corporate home email address in Canada.

Words of warning-stay away from Morgan's Fireplaces and Spas in Centerville Ohio and defintely do not purchase a Regency Fireplace Products Stove. Regency is a company based out of Canada. Their USA branch is in Dekalb, IL.

Morgan's has terrible Customer Service and Regency supports their dealers only and could care less for the End User of their products.
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D  26th of Jan, 2010 by    +1 Votes
It seems to me that you made a huge error in judgement going with the least expensive system. I would suspect you knew the difference between the higher and lower costs was like that for a reason. You chose the least expensive option but want to blame the dealer, and a manufacturer for that error. I have been involved in this industry as an instaler and sweep for a very long time and can tell you that decisions like the one you made aren't uncommon. However, they often come back to haunt you like this. From my experience, you can point fingers wherever you wish. Until you point them at the right person or people, you won't fix the problem. Get your head out of the sand man. You made a mistake. You are paying the price for that mistake. No manufacturer in the industry would do anything different.
N  21st of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
So...because the general manager in Illinois wouldn't give you the corporate home email address, the company in Canada hates and disrespects Americans? Maybe it's a bit more accurate to say that the managers in their USA branch aren't concerned about providing proper installation the first time. Have you contacted the BBB or perhaps the Illinois Attorney General?
A  21st of Dec, 2011 by    +1 Votes
True, Regency has no customer service, no resolution center, and goes to great lenth to hide their phone number .
on their website nor listed anywhere. Everything gets circled back to their 'Dealers' .Even their dealers have no contact with Regency other than a territorial sales person.
They must get a lot of complaints as this Canadian Co has a very smart tight sheild of operations aimed at keeping the complaints away and the sales streaming in.
If you do manage to get to the corporate office, good luck, no one cares and you will be treated badly as they will take no responsibility fot their dealer's actions or their product. They will change stories and blame it on whomever, you, dealer, a part in China. Regency is all about advertising, sales, marketing, promotions. Regency iis the #1 seller and their effort is about moving product no follow up, no end user support, no real support to their dealers either. I got the Regency #, thu a CA dealer who gave me one of the wharehouses in MD, who gave me to Wash, who gave me to Canada corporate ... The wharehouse were nice folks compared to the nasty Corporate Office. good luck getting by the receptionist ... she won't know where to send your call, beccuase calls don't usually penatrate all the way thru to Canada. Boy, they were so mad I got their number & kept asking how I got to them! Here's their address., Regency, 6988 venture st, delta brit col. V 4G1H4 1 877 503 -2467. The founder Robert Little has 300 employees in Canada Corporate and 475 employees in Australia. Try writing a letter to him to complain .. he's the only one I did not bother with, I figured someone else would open it, not respond.
Please post your results from contacting corporate as Regency must answer for their product and be responsible. You purchased an expensive product and they have 100% quaranttee. Their strategy is to wear you down. Keep at it.
D  21st of Jan, 2012 by    +3 Votes
I bought a Regency fireplace from Mountain Home Utopia in Jefferson, NC. They improperly installed it, made a mess and refused to fix it. I managed to get to Regency in Canada, called and E mailed a man who said he was head of the technical department and he was really helpful, Got the local factory rep to get another dealer involved and fixed it and no charge!
They removed Mountain Home as a dealer, seems they did everything right for me. 5 Stars to Regency, --5 stars to Mountain Home Utopia.
N  19th of Mar, 2012 by    +3 Votes
Regency might make a decent product but their customer service is terrible. They do everything possible to ignore, stall, and deny any customer's warrranty claim. That starts with the Dealer and goes all the way to the top. Our Warmhearth cracked last year and the dealer ignored us (didn't even come to see it for himself) then without explanation dumped us on the distributer who also stalled. We had the crack inspected by a metallurgical engineer and he concluded it was improper design and possibly faulty steel. We sent a letter to the distributer and the company and a replacement insert mysteriously appeared out of nowhere and without explanation at the dealers. The dealer said he was responsible for getting the insert and we should just be satisfied. He would not come to see the job for pulling out the faulty insert and replacing it unless we acknowledged Regency would not pay his labor (in spite of our claim falling within the 5 year clause). Next he gave us a padded and outrageous bid to do the work. Regency has offered a paltry percent in "subsidized" labor coverage. I've never seen a company go to such extremes to avoid its own responsibilities and even attempt to keep their customers happy.
N  2nd of May, 2012 by    +3 Votes
AGREE with comment on MORGANS FIREPLACE AND SPA. I too purchased a regency stove from them-NOT RECOMMENDED!!! Be very careful dealing with this company. Best NOT to use their installers (they will not help you out when there are issues). Make sure you have EVERYTHING in writing. Do not just go off of what they say - sales rep will not be installing the unit!! Do your homework - look at other reviews! Not sue why BBB still has them rated as A+???
A  26th of Feb, 2013 by    +3 Votes
My husband and I bought the Regency I3100 from Morgan's in Centerville, Ohio in December of 2011. We spent $4, 000 on this insert. We paid Morgan's installer $400 to install it for us. We stayed with the installer the entire time he and his fellow installers installed it. It took them about 8 hours to install it. After they were done installing my husband had to call them back because the middle pipe in the underneath the baffles kept falling out. Well, to this day it still falls out.
The Regency insert is our main source of heat in the winter, but we do not use it in the summer. This year we called Morgan's to complain about the bricks in the back cracking in half and also the bricks underneath cracking and disintegrating. At that time we found out that they had changed their names to Centerville Home Fireplace and Patio. The new President of this company told us he would replace the pipe but nothing else because we had bought it from Morgan's. He also told us that none of the employees remained but the gentlemen Christian that sold us the fireplace was standing right next to him. UGH!!! So he ended up giving us the number to Regency to speak to them about our issue. My husband called Regency 5 times before Mike called him back. Them Mike proceeded to tell my husband that we put trash, painted wood and used a poker in our fireplace. Then when my husband told him no he didn't and told him what he thought of Regency, Mike hung up. Meanwhile, I went and bought real fire bricks from Snyder's in Moraine. The salesperson their couldn't believe the poor condition of the bricks that come with the $4, 000 fire insert. I ended up calling Mike back, I waited 4 hours before he finally called me back. I told him I didn't appreciate him treating us like trash. We would never put trash in a fireplace that is inside our home. How ridiculous? Everyone knows that fumes from trash can harm you. Secondly we own a tree company and we only use Locus, Oak and Maple in our fireplace. And for the poker, if you let the wood burn down you can put adequate logs on top of the hot coals. He told me not to use the bricks I purchased from Snyder's because Regency hasn't tested them. Everyone I know that have different fireplaces haven't had to replace a brick in years. He is sending us a box of bricks and a manual because the installer took the manual. I still put in the fire bricks I purchased from Snyder's because they are more sturdy than the horrible ones from Regency. So buyers beware! Centerville Home Fireplace and Patio will do nothing for you! As for Regency I am glad that he is sending us new bricks but they are of poor value.
A  1st of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
I wasn't happy with the first Regency dealer I contacted. Was just about to get in the car to see another dealer when I decided I would first contact Regency directly to tell them about the first dealer and to get a few specific questions answered and/or to ask whether I could contact Regency directly if the next dealer was unable to answer them.
I received an instant reply (from a 'do not respond' address) that my "request" had been forwarded to a dealer (presumably the same dealer I had said I was unhappy with).
Then, I came upon this very helpful page. I greatly appreciated all of you who took the time to complain about your complete inability to reach Regency directly.
You just freed up my afternoon.
Any suggestions about an alternate source for a gas fireplace insert would also be greatly appreciated.
N  19th of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
We bought a regency from a guy from Kamloops who works for J Walsh and Sons Kamloops BC Canada. When our stove wouldn't heat our house and the glass door broke, the installer was more that fair and tried to help us. But the dealer would not back me or fix or offer us no more that a good deal if we buy a new stove. Customer service at regency is horrid. I have sent them at least 50 emails and have not received one back. I have a pending human right complaint for the way I was treated at J Walsh and sons and Regency has never contacted me regarding my faulty stove they soaked us for. It's the same old story the rich get richer while the little guy pays. I hope the media can expose this company for the lack of customer care and expose the dealers they approve to sell there product. There is no customer service at all, just take the money and run attitude.
A  3rd of Jan, 2014 by    +1 Votes
We purchased a Regency I3100 last year (2013), From day one we knew their was something wrong with the unit. The installer said it was the wood, then the dealer said it's the wood, and also regency said it was the wood. This has been going on now for over a year, when we did finally get the Regency rep out here, he brought his own wood.(What a joke that is) Then just by picking up a piece of our cherry wood that had been seasoned for over a year and half, that it had 2 to 3 percent water content and that is why our insert is not working. Question? How can anyone tell how much water is in a piece of wood just by picking it up??????? What is he God?????? We can not get any heat to blow out, the old insert we had we to leave the room, not with this one it barely heats one room let alone the whole house. But they insist it's our wood not the insert!!! We also had another professional dealer come out and they said it was the insert not the wood, they even tested the wood and the wood was fine. You can tell some things not right. All we wanted was a newer efficient wood burner, we got a piece of nothing!!! Our dealer was through Fireplace and Grill Shop downtown Kalamazoo MI. They do not back the product that they sell and suggest you do not buy anything from their!!! The installer should have also informed us of the fact that the piping down the chimney should have been wrapped, and that did not solve the problem. WE ARE COLD!!! My boyfriend has had a wood burning insert in his home all his life, so it's not like this is his first time at using a wood burning insert but yet they treated him like he didn't know what he was doing, almost like he was stupid. Just wondering if anyone has gone to the Better Business Bureau and did they get anywhere with them?
N  8th of Jan, 2014 by    +1 Votes
Our landlords had a dealer install a Regency Large Woodstove. We are extremely unhappy with it and are glad that it wasn't our money that put it in. The burn time is much shorter than stated, it is filthy to clean, burning wood breaks and falls out of the door in short order, and the list goes on. When using it to heat the home we are in it is extremely inefficient and we have burned more wood already than we would have with a Blaze King. Lesson learned and we'll avoid this stove brand in the future. There is more to it than the pretty little window so one can watch the flames. Then there is the door that continually squeaks.
A  25th of Feb, 2014 by    +1 Votes
I have an I3100 stove insert and 6" stainless liner that was professionally installed by a Regency dealer. I have had it for years, but have had issue with the unit from the beginning.

The insert has never lived up to the specs listed below. My home is 1300 sq ft and the unit will barely heat the 10x20 ft room it is in. Even with the fire filling the box, blower output was warm. With the door open it was extremely hot, but not with the door closed.

I could never get the fire to last over night, even with a full box of hardwood The box was full of ash and the blower thermostat was shutting off after about 6 hours, so no heat output after that. I also checked to make sure the sensor was contacting the metal of the stove, but I cannot move it's location due to wiring.

I have had 2 chimney liner fires, each time somehow filling my home with a strange smoke. The Fire Dept nor I ever determined where the smoke came from. Maybe the liner was oiled or the insulation caused it. Without a well sealing air intake and no upper damper, I could never stop the burn to put the chimney fires out without spraying the fire with water. I think the chimney fires were caused by keeping the burn very low to try and get 10 hours of burn time (well seasoned wood).
The unit also puts a lot of smoke into the house. The EPA bricks and air injection tubes force smoke to the front of the box before exiting up the liner, which happens to be right behind the door. So open the door and smoke rolls in. They could have routed the exhaust toward the back of the box, like most other wood stoves.

As for the glass staying clear due to the EPA air injection tubes blowing fire toward the door, good luck. Again with the smoke. I tried everything.

I cannot see any way of getting 10 hrs or 3000 sq ft. The unit has been nothing but a fire hazard and needs attention. I have not used it for the last some years as I cannot take the risk. I tried using the BBB of Canada to get Fireplace Products International (Regency) to address my issues, but their reply was; wrong fuel, too cold a home, operator error, etc. As long as the unit had no damage, it was not their issue.

Maximum BTU 75, 000
Burn Time up to 10 hrs
Room Size 3000 sq. ft.
A  11th of Oct, 2014 by    0 Votes
I hate my Regency gas fireplace. The pilot light won't start this year despite going through the cold start lockout process. Plus it goes through remote control batteries in the fireplace unit every 2-3 weeks even when hardly being used! Never again. Stay away from any Regency product.
A  14th of Nov, 2014 by    0 Votes
I have a Regency U39 gas stove (fireplace), the blower motor went out the first season we used it. Called the company we purchased from, had a difficult time getting it replaced, but after several weeks they finally came out and replaced it. Two years later, the blower has stopped working again, the company is out of business. The only way to get the stove serviced is through a company selling the product, they are few and far between. I have spent the last 3 weeks trying to find someone to come out and service the stove, no luck. DO NOT PURCHASE A REGENCY PRODUCT! They look beautiful and are great when they work, but when you need service, forget it.
A  21st of Nov, 2014 by    +1 Votes
I received a gift from family as a House warming gift~ Gas light fireplace. Look so Beautiful, but we the true need arise for me to us the Fireplace~ It blows out from High winds. I am unable to use my fireplace during any storm in Buffalo, NY~ I had to live in my bedroom in January 2014 Blizzard and NOW our most recent storm~ Again I was unable to stay in my living room as the Fireplace is Broke. I contacted the dealer ~With NO call Back. I contacted Regency, with A call back 3 days ago, nothing since. I have been emailing Regency, but they are stating "Its not there problem". After the fireplace has been out for 4 days I attempted to re-start it, but it will NOT start. I informed Both the dealer & Regency ~ When it blows out I get Ice, Moisture from a severe backdraft~ I was told NOT to worry`~ Really ll the Moisture will eventually cause FAULTS within the internal structure~ Wiring, Lighting, ECT... I am SO SO SO Disappointment that When I REALLY REALLY need this fireplace ~ IT DOES NOT Work. Please attached picture of my fireplace during a STORM :O(. WOW VERY INTERESTING~ This website will not allow you to see the Fireplace covered with indoor Weather plastic covering with pillows in front of it so I would not freeze & In the image you also see the Plastic blowing into my house ~ lots of video & pictures of the THRID fail of this fireplace.

Sadly yours,
N  29th of Dec, 2014 by    +1 Votes
I have an 8 year old insert HI300. It has worked well up this this point. My blower fan has 2 sealed bearings that have worn out. I guess I have around 3 years of actual run time on the blower. I went to my local dealer, Bayside Stoves in Edgewater Maryland and ordered a replacement. The part is only sold as a unit. All I needed was the blower motor, not the entire assembly. Oh well, I ordered the part. It took 3 weeks for the part to be delivered across state! Regency was too busy to process the order. The dealer had the same unit on the floor. I wanted to use the blower unit until my unit arrived. No such luck. Not even a return call saying no. When the blower did arrive I was out of state. My wife went to pick up the blower unit and wanted it plugged in to make sure it worked. The sales person was very rude. The unit also had to be assembled. You have to purchase an assembly, but you have to assemble the unit. I will not purchase from the dealer or the manufacturer again. I will rebuild the old blower unit myself.
N  25th of Nov, 2015 by    +1 Votes
My problem with Regency is that they do NOT stand behind their products. I purchased a Regency stove in Feb of 1995 and had it installed that same month. We had a Ventnox insulated flue system installed at the same time. Now all these years later we have noticed at least four hairline cracks in the firebox. After almost a year of runarounds here is what Regency told us..."We didn't start offering a lifetime warranty on our fireboxes until October of 1995 and since you bought and installed your in Feb. we will not honor our current warranty." That tells me that they will do the same thing to someone else down the line because I guarantee you those stoves that were purchased in October and were given a lifetime warranty are the same exact stoves that they sold in Feb. It is pretty pitiful since I have had many people inquire about and purchase stoves like mine. I have sold many of them over the years to friends and families based on my reviews. So I am now forced to go buy a new stove, and you can bet your bottom dollar it won't be a Regency. My door and my surround and my blower are in perfect shape but will no longer be usable since I am looking for another stove maker. Thanks Regency, for nothing but a run around and bad customer service.
N  4th of Jan, 2016 by    0 Votes
604-946-5155. Regency canada
A  5th of Jan, 2016 by    +1 Votes
bought a I3100 in 2014, claim of 10 hour burn times is false, burn time is about 5 hour. 3000 sg ft. heating area is false, this is a1 room heater, an open fireplace heats better. glass will stay somewhat clean if you keep a blazing fire going, but burn time then is even less than 5 hours, very inefficient heater, burns a lot of wood for little heat. wish I had my $4000 back.
A  8th of Feb, 2016 by    0 Votes
I bought a regency gas stove U-39 ultimate? The dealer, under new ownership, refused to install it himself and recommended several installers. I had a very good experience with this dealer 20 years ago. I thought I was buying the best heat stove on the market. This thing is unbelievably noisy. The whole box rattles in sympathetic vibration with the fan. You cannot sleep in the same room as this 'ultimate ' heater. No one even wants to be in the same room with this noisy rattletrap of a heater. It looks nice and heats OK but it is made of flimsy sheet metal, not solid, heavy, thick metal like my old Dovre. Regency will not return my emails. Their customer service is crap and so is their flimsy product. I'm glad my neighbors haven't complained about the noise of this junky heater but I think that may be coming. Regency is junk.

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