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I keep getting emails saying I have ordered something on I have not and don't appreciate the phishing scheme. I won't pay anything associated with way...

To: @YAHOO.COM Thank you for using redbox! The receipt below is for your first night's rental. If you keep your rented disc(s) for any additional nights, redbox will process those charges after all disc(s) have been returned. If you return your rented disc(s) by 9:00 PM tomorrow, you won't receive any additional charges and this will be your final receipt.

Please keep this receipt for your records.

Billed To: @YAHOO.COM
Transaction ID: [protected]
Invoice #: 98770306Q2BU82TP
Receipt Date: 9/17/2010 6:35:04 PM
Order Total: 2.71
Payment Card: MasterCard...9
Redbox Location: 7-Eleven (see available movies)
1001 Willow Springs Rd
Killeen, TX [protected]


Title Barcode Transaction Amount


Babysitter Wanted [protected] Rental $1.00
Killers (BLU-RAY) [protected] Rental $1.50

Subtotal: 2.50
Promo Savings: 0.00


Rent it online to guarantee it's there: Adjusted Subtotal: 2.50
Tax: 0.21


Total Charge: 2.71
Questions? Comments? Contact redbox Customer Service
Call redbox Toll-Free: 1.866.733.2693
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I have erased my email and the card they claimed they used.

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  • Fa
      Oct 27, 2009 - Not so simple & not so customer focused
    United States

    Red box does not provide an optionfor returns when their kiosks are down. I drove around to 3 separate locations only to find them all out of service. Multiple e-mails to the company resulted in their standard e-mail - "find another location to return your movie". I finally was able to return the movie 4 days later...with all the associated charges...

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  • Wa
      Mar 21, 2010 - Scammers
    United States

    I made a reservation today 03/20/10 for the new release of Twilight: New Moon. The pickup location given me was a bank, not a McDonalds. There was no redbox, it did not exist. I drove 10 miles to go get it there and even though my gps and google told me the address was wrong, I gave redbox the benefit of the doubt. But it did not exist. In addition, I waited for over 55 minutes to get a representative over the phone seeking for help, but to no avail. How is it that redbox is reaping people off like this. Please return my one dollar plus tax, and please post actual, existing addresses online.

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  • Re
      Aug 26, 2010

    You're lying. The website uses the Google Maps engine to plot kiosk locations. Nice try.

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  •   Sep 18, 2010


    Is it possible someone has either lifted your credit card/other info without your knowledge (or associated your email address with something more sinister in mind)?

    I have heard that the 'beginnings of identity theft' come about with small "test" purchases, etc. Confirm your credit card number first. Save all emails related for the purposes of reporting to authorities. (if we do NOTHING now, then NOTHING will be done to the real culprits)

    Next, inform Redbox from an online, reputable source. Do NOT use a cell phone or portable handset if you are going to discuss your account/credit card numbers. I hope this can be straightened out in your case.

    If it works, pass it on. Knowledge is power. Let us know what turns out in either case. Don't hesitate or procrastinate.

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  • Se
      Feb 02, 2014

    I rented a movie that was so scratched
    It wouldn't play, could not watch The movie.
    So disapointed.

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  •   Feb 02, 2014

    Most RedBox kiosks have an attached service number in which you personally can explain the problem. usually, as in this case, you might be able to receive credit for the damaged disc. If you rented from another venue, then perhaps a friendly phone call or message with a description of the problem, date, time, and place you rented (along with the correct title of the disc) would get you a satisfactory response. A responsible, attentive business manager or attendant should give you a satisfactory response time and satisfy the problem in good time. If not, you should report such to the home office of same, or Better Business Bureau (especially of you've gotten a nasty, negative response) This is the age where we can no longer afford to lose the customer or repeat business. This is the age where we can no longer afford negative response or bad rap, or listing on the BBB's web pages.

    So if I were the one seeking your business, I would have a solution for any of the common maladies that befall this type> Make sure that you get treated fairly when you have any dissatisfaction with service of any type, or suggest to them that you will take your business elsewhere. With the economy the way it is now, your hard-earned money should be exchanged for quality ALWAYS.

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  • Re
      Feb 09, 2014

    Hey there, it looks like you're getting emails from one of our customers who accidentally entered your email address when signing up. If you forward an email to [protected], we'll ensure your email address is removed from communications.

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