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RED Woman Within / misuse of credit card

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I had purchased items from this site a couple of time. When I made my most recent purchase, my credit card number appeared on its own. I do not normally leave my credit card number on site, but thought maybe I had made a mistake. After completing the purchase, I went to my account page on Woman Within and accessed personal information with the intent of deleting the card number. No credit information was listed on my account page.
I called customer support and was told it was not possible that my number would appear if I did not type it in and tell the site to save it. The person did not know why my credit information did not appear on my account page. I obtained a phone number for what the person said was tech support, but what turned out to be the real customer support (I had been talking to a sales person, according to the new person). (I have all the names, but don't want to publish them because I believe it is the company's fault if its employees are poorly trained.)
The new person also told me that what I was experiencing is impossible. Got the same unhelpful answers and was told that she was not customer service either, that they are closed on Sundays. She said I would need to call tech support. I asked for that number. She said she did not have it, but she did have the customer service number. While providing that, she discovered she did have tech support number.
I called tech support Monday and was told it was not possible that my number would pop up unless I typed it in and told the site to save it. Then I asked if that were case, why didn't my credit information appear on my account page. The reason is because my computer, without my knowing it, has an automatic fill-in feature that fills in that information. Somehow, this software picks up my number from a previous typing and saves and then uses it for my convenience. I said if that were the case then that credit card number would pop up every time I shopped online. I could not believe anyone in a technical support job could be so stupid.
This site has a number of sister sites that presumably would also have access to my credit card number. I called the credit card company, but all they could do was to cancel the purchase and/or issue me a new number.
If you care about your credit security, don't buy here or at any of the sister sites: OneStopPlus, Roaman's, Jessica London, BylaneHome, avenue, KingSize, Bargain Catalog Outlet.

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  • Bo
      28th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    Try flushing your browser cache. They are notorious for saving info when least expected.

  • Ja
      19th of Sep, 2013
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    Interesting. I am having the opposite problem. My credit card, billing address and shipping address were all saved on the website. I placed an order. I checked to make sure before I clicked on "submit order" and all was correct. Five minutes later, I received a confirmation email with the wrong name on the credit card and the wrong shipping address. I checked my account online and everything in my account had been changed. I tried to fix it and it wouldn't let me. So I immediately responded to the confirmation email by cancelling the order. Yesterday, I looked at my credit card bill online and they charged my card!!! I called customer service and they told me that they never received my cancellation. Now they are claiming that the package is on it's way to the wrong shipping address and that someone at the shipping address should refuse the package so it is returned to them and then they'll issue a credit to my card. This happened on the Jessica London website. I placed another order on the Woman Within website well over 12 days ago. All the info is correct but when I check the tracking number on FedEx, it shows that the package has been in transit between Orlando and Miami for six days!!! Really? That is totally ridiculous. I am never ever shopping on their websites again.

  • Ad
      25th of Aug, 2016
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    Woman Within - charging interest to account for merchadise not received
    Woman Within
    San Antomio
    United States

    I ordered 3 items from the Woman Within Catalogue. One was backordered and I returned the other 2 as they didn't fit. I had to pay shipping and handling to send them their merchandise back to them . I was charged for this order even though I had a proof of delivery from the Post Office that they were returned. I then started to accunulate late fees and interest on these items in spite of calling them and telling then they were returned with proof of delivery. Then they started to charge me for the back ordered item wihich they claimed they delivered months after the order was placed. I was hospitalized at that time so they may have left the merchadise on my step but I told them I never saw it when I got home from the hospital. More late fees hit the account with interest on those late fees. I finally just paid the whole thing off- alomost $90 DOLLARS JUST TO GET RID OF THEM AND TOLD THEM TO CLOSE MY ACCOUNT IN WRITING AND OVER THE PHONE AS WELL.I.LL SEE WHETHER THIS FINALLY CLOSES THE ACCOUNT.VERY BAD PEOPLE.

  • Ha
      25th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes
    Woman Within/Roamans - Inferior merchandise/shipping charges refunded
    Woman Within/Roamans
    United States

    I ordered and returned items which were very inferior and was told I wouldn't be charged any shipping charges. Then my credit card statement shows they didn't credit me the last shipping charge as they had promised. After speaking with 7 different people in various departments who all said they didn't "have the authority to clear up any shipping charges" which now also includes a late charge on the shipping charge !! I will never in my lifetime deal with any of the affiliated companies and have closed my credit card. They informed me I could write a letter of dispute for the $2.00 late charge - I told her that wouldn't happen - I've had enough of these inefficient people.
    I would suggest to anyone dealing with or contemplating dealing with these companies to be aware - BE VERY AWARE !!!

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