Red Rooster / store owner

St Martins Village 8 Bungarribee Rd Blacktown NSW 2148, Australia
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Due to the 19 months l have worked at Red Rooster l have been called "stupid" by the store owner and have her tell me how she wished she could "hit me". I am constantly been yelled at for doing my job and getting the blame for her negligence and careless mistakes. I have watched new co-workers who have only worked once and are in their second shift, be yelled at and sent home for not knowing what they are required to do. I have heard the store owner call a fellow co-worker "fat" and laugh at another co-worker who had a beloved dog pass away and was not up to the task of working. The staff is constantly been verbally abused by the store owner and customers have put in complaints of her unprofessional manner and rudeness towards customers and staff. She will remove you from the Rooster for 1-2 weeks if you call up sick with a doctors certificate because she is annoyed with you not working, she puts the Rooster up every Sunday and does not want to hear that people cannot work on their appointed days due to other concerning matters (she either refuses to change your shift or has you removed for a week or more until we are understaffed and you are called back- in others cases they have been fired and rehired). We never receive payslips on pay day but in a bundle every 4 months and our pay is always to days late which is frustrating enough as we get paid fortnightly.

Jan 20, 2017

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