Red Roosterinexperienced workers at 176 horton park rd lurnea

I was about to buy a quarter chicken and chips at red rooster 176 hoxton park rd. There was a muslim girl with two asian girls who work there. I asked the muslim girl for a quarter chicken and chips. The girl was confused and was not sure about what I was saying. She asked me if I wanted small, regular or large chips with that. I repeatedly said quarter chicken and chips. I felt annoyed inside of me. She insisted if I wanted small, medium or large chips. I couldn't argue so I asked for small. Then she asked me if do I want the chips seperately with the chicken. I said put it with the chicken.
The girl seperately charged extra for the chips when I looked up the receipt. I was disappointed and annoyed. I hope they get there act straight. Don't won't another disappointment again with inexperienced workers like them.

Jan 12, 2017

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