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I rented a room for 1 night due to my wife and I losing power at home. We called the Reservation Phone line and asked for the closest Red Roof Inn to our home that still had power. I asked specifically for a NON-Smoking Room as my wife has asthma, I have sleep apnea and we are both sensitive to Smoke. After several short minutes it seemed everything was in order. The rep on phone with the Reservations center was nice and friendly and very helpful. We wanted to get to the Hotel quickly as we were basically freezing at home without power. We called the hotel to find out if We could Check in Early or not, the lady on the phone said no the room wouldn't be ready till 3pm. So we killed some time driving around to a couple stores. However when we arrived to the actual location it was a different story. The Two Front Desk ladies said very little to me. One smiled the other one seemed to have her head glued to a phone. Check in was quick and simple. They had no problem accepting my Cash up front. I asked if the Room was all ready, they said yes, gave me a key and told me how to get to it.
I parked the car and told my wife to wait in the warm car while I checked the room out. I hate dragging all the luggage to the room and find out its got issues. I got to the room and went in. It appeared to look straight but there was a slight Funky smell in the air. Lights worked, TV worked, water worked, Heat worked, I assume the Smell was just Stale Air. I figured it was better than sleeping in the Car. So wife and I lugged luggage to room and settled in. We sprayed Air Freshener in Room figured we could live with the stale smell. Soon we started having One problem after another. #1 we noticed the bathroom had Half of 1 roll or TP. Maybe it isn't a big deal, but when you got 2 adults in for the night Half of 1 roll doesn't cut it. I called down to the Service Desk to ask for more TP. The Lady at the desk didn't seem like she had time for me. So I hung up and came on down on my own. I went to the window and she told me she was busy and would have to go find me Another Roll and would come to me. It was weird. I tried to be patient and go back to the room. OVER 2 hrs later she knocked on the door gave me 1 new whole roll of TP and acted like this was a major problem and hassle to her and she left. #2 when we rolled the bed spread off and laid down on the sheets although they looked clean they Stank of Old Smoke. It was maddening to us because When You go into an Alleged NON-Smoking Room you Expect that The Room isn't Casually used by Smokers. But the bedspread stank, the comforter stank, the pillows stank. We used some Air Freshener to try and cover up some of the Funky Nasty stink and Figured we could Tough it out. #3 The Last straw... my wife has Asthma as I said and I have sleep apnea and I use a CPAP to breathe while sleeping. several times I woke up coughing cause that Old Funky Stink of Smoke was coming into my Tubes and into my Mask. And My wife noticed the Smell of Tobacco smoke was stronger on one side of the room. It was like Smoke from Smokers next Door or Below us was wafting into the Room. A few times My wife put on her Coat and went outside the door to try and breathe in some of the cold night air. But that didn't help much. Finally We couldn't deal with it any longer. I look at the Clock, its 530am and we can't stay here like this. I call on the Service Desk again. The Lady down there acted like my phone Call was bothering her. I told her, Miss there is Smoke coming into this room from somewhere else. I asked for a NON-SMOKING ROOM but This is ridiculous. We can't stay here, Is there any other Rooms? She told me They were fully Booked and there was nothing she could do, then told me she had another customer and Hung up on me. I was furious now. I told my wife get dressed and packed We are leaving... We will tough it out at home or try and go to her moms. So we packed up everything and loaded the car. I went down to the front Desk, saw the lady, her nametag said SERENA. Serena DID NOT SAY ONE WORD To me. She had the damn phone glued to her head again, I recognized she was the same Lady who was on the phone when I checked in, just over 18 Hours before. I put the Keycard on the counter and Said I am Checking out. She printed some receipt and I left.
Yesterday (Tuesday 12/30/08) Our Power Came back on fully and I went to the Red Roof Inn website and attempted to leave a Scathing Comment about our stay. A few hours later, I got a response from Mark Jurek, General Manager of that RRI who sent me a short Apology Email. It did not say much and made me feel Indifferent and apathetic about Red Roof Inn even more.

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  • Ch
      4th of Feb, 2009

    Did the email look like this:

    Dear Cory Conquest:

    The Guest Relations Department of Red Roof Inn informed me of your concerns. I also learned of this by telephone from my Guest Service Representative on Sunday.

    Unfortunately, the search for your computer did not result in finding it. I have notified our Risk Management department of your loss. Please accept my apologies and we are truly sorry for the misfortune you have experienced.

    Thank you again for bringing this to our attention and we hope you will give Red Roof Inn the opportunity to provide for your lodging requirements in the future.

    Very truly yours,

    Ella Bowen
    General Manager
    Red Roof Inn Brentwood

    Our laptop was stolen out of the room and there was plenty of evidence it was the desk clerk. However, they can't find it anywhere. And they must think this email is going to settle everything.

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  • De
      11th of Mar, 2009

    I made reservation for the Red Roof Inn at Jackson North, Ridgeland MS... I was terrible i never seen a room in such poor conditions... The bathroom was a totally a mess the tub looked it was never cleaned right along with the toilet bowl rim never been scrubbed... The walls was dirty carpet had a musty smell to it... The air condition was filled with dust... I never in my wildest dreams thought a hotel room could be in such poor conditions... The word best describe this hotel is GHETTO it was almost like living in the slums... RED ROOF INN NEEDS TO CHECK INTO HOW THEIR SERVICES & POOR MANAGEMENT... Anyone who visits JACKSON, MS... stay away from THE RED ROOF INN

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  • De
      13th of Mar, 2018

    My husband and I stayed at Red Roof Inn Jacksonville Airport this past Thursday evening March 8, 2018. The "non smoking" room absolutely stunk of smoke and mold. The bed sheets were dirty and there was long black hairs in the bed. The bed cover was stained and smelled. There was faeces on the bathroom walls and the floor was filthy. The light fixtures above the bed were hanging off the wall, the drapes were dirty and coming off the curtain poles. I understand that it was a budget hotel, but it shouldn't be filthy. We slept in our clothes and got up and out of there as soon as it broke daylight.

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  • Pa
      20th of Jul, 2018

    @Debbie Jenkins Did you have black mold in your room too?

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  • Je
      22nd of Jul, 2018

    Yes there was black mold in the bathroom. The whole place stunk of mold and smoke. It was filthy

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