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I would like to start this complaint wby saying that i love food. Most people are in the same boat here.

I hate to see the quality of a product after it was cooked 1 -2 hours ago. Every time i visit one of these restaurants i have the same experience, no matter the location. I am trying to change that! the burgers are all cooked at the same time and either put in a microwave or heat lamp until the order comes in.

Next time you visit a red robin you will notice the temperature of the burger will be Luke warm...
If I am paying 10 bucks for a burger i want it to be freshly grilled and warm to the customer for crying out loud.

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  • Jo
      Jul 30, 2010

    If this has happened often why do you continue to go there? That's a good point huh. So get over yourself and eat some healthier food.

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  • Si
      Aug 02, 2010

    Wow I didn't realize there were other places to go out to in the entire Portland area. And are you sure burgers aren't healthy, I am so glad you let me know. Is there a direct way to contact you so I am not led astray on my food choices again you really seem to know what you are talking about. Every other comment you have left of this review board is also full of such wisdom, knowledge I really think you could be a fantastic life coach You have opened my eyes to a whole new realm of possibilities thank you so much, and god bless you :-)

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