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I have been giving blood for 20 years to the red cross. I went today, did the required tests and during conversation I mentioned that I began to donate after a doctor told me it was good to give for many reasons. Keeping iron levels low was one of them and helping others. The woman pulled back in her chair as if I said I had full blown aids and told me they would not take my blood and she was putting me on a list so I could no longer donate. I was shocked. I never said I had anything wrong with me. My comment that it all began with an idea from a doctor was it. If anything was wrong with my blood they surely would have found it during the last 20 years also. She was way out of line to do such a thing to someone so dedicated to helping the cause. I never once indicated I have a disease and know the blood is tested anyway. They state in the handbook if something is found I will get a letter to see my doctor. The blood would be destroyed too. I hope I can get this undone because I enjoy knowing my donation helps so many. It was shameful that I was treated this way and feel I am owed an apology and a new appointment quickly. It was not a good experience and this lady had no reason to over react as she did. Terrible waste of an hour.

Jul 29, 2016
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  •   Jul 29, 2016

    And what is the rest of the story?

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  •   Jul 30, 2016

    I agree. It sounds like some of the details are missing.

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  • Um
      Jul 30, 2016

    The woman who treated me like a fool is not a doctor. She did not notice all the lives I helped save over 20 years. As soon as I said [DOCTOR] she said. I hate when these doctors think they can dump sick patients on us. First I am not sick and can prove it. second, being told by a doctor it is good for many reasons to donate does not mean you are sick with disease. Within an hour I had a letter from 2 doctors stating I am fine. She was wrong and way out of line.

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