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I was looking over my credit card charges over the last 90 days and noticed that Red Box has over charged me 6 times out of 19 transactions! Charges were $26.50 $4.24 $25.44 $2.12 $18.02 and $18.02. Red box has over charged me over $80.00 in the last 90 days. I have no idea what I got charged before this. I can't believe I didn't catch this sooner.

I am calling customer support to find out if they can fix this or not. The call is documented below.

-Made my call at 9:00PM EST
-9:12 Reached an agent (Angel)
-I am getting told that I did not return movies.
-Supervise is telling here that these are valid charges and they are going to "check the machine" at one of the locations we used to return the movies often. Errors happened at multiple locations.
- 9:28 and she is still check with her supervisor.
- 9:31 Said they checked the machine and there is nothing wrong with any of the machines. I am now back on hold.
- 9:36 getting a supervisor on the phone so I am on hold again. She is saying that movies that I returned were never rented again so I must not have returned them.
-9:39 Angel is transferring me to Nick, she transferred me to herself and put me back on hold to check the extension.
-9:40 now talking to Nick. I'm asking for my credit card to be removed from your system. Was told by that another movie that I returned has not been returned. I will be getting a call with in 7 days to let me know if they can find the movie.
-The call has been ended 9:54. The call id was 4472316

I hope that if you have ever used red box that you check your fees asap. I am still in shock that I got ripped off this bad and am calling my credit card company to dispute the charges.

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      Feb 06, 2009

    2-6-2009 Seven Days has passed. No word about the missing movie... email or phone call. No credit card charge has posted as of yet.

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      Feb 06, 2009


    Called at 9:00 PM on hold for 13 minuets.

    The movie is still not returned they couldn't find it. I again told them I had returned all of the movies. Was told that customer service rep could not give refunds. I asked to talk to a supervisor.

    I got to talk to Jessica (1786) at 9:56. She is giving me a $10 refund for every missing movie rental. The first two movies have been charged and are being refunded now. The third call id will be given when next movie is charged on 2-12-08. The call ended at 10:08, it is not 10:17 and still no email with with refund conformation numbers. I will update again in regards to that status of my refunds

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      Feb 19, 2009


    I got two $10 credits 2-9-2009.

    An additional $26.50 was charged as stated in my 2-6-2009 conversation with support. I have yet to receive the third $10.00 credit. I will have to again call support the next time I get time.

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      Mar 10, 2009


    I never got the final promised credit from Red Box. I will never use Red Box again and am now a vary happy Netflix customer.

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      May 09, 2009

    I agree whole heartedly...Imagine this...if Redbox overcharges, for example 50 people per day at one rental unit, say they have over 50 rentals in a central location. At 1.00 per person(50) per rental(50) unit...that is $2500 they receive in overcharges for just $1.00!!!
    Now multiply that times cities, times units, times individuals!!!
    Hey...they can get rich over night at 2500 x 365 days = $912, 500.

    Check out your receipts...already I am in dispute over $30.00 worth of overcharges and they have the nerve to have an attitude saying how can they be sure they sent the charge to my credit card company?
    So, how did my credit card company get the charge and pay it??
    Go figure...
    I've decided to fill out a FRAUD form with my credit card company and get a new card!!!
    I'm not sure I'll use a Redbox again with this one!!!

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  • Eh
      Jul 09, 2009

    I recently had an experience on 6/26/09 where I was erroneously charged $76.32. When I called Redbox customer service, they gave me the run around that it was a computer glitch on their end and that it would be credited back to my account in 2-3 days.

    It's now been 2 weeks and still nothing has been done. I've called 4 times since my initial call and they tell me each time 24-48 more hours.

    I went ahead and checked around with my friends and neighbors and several of them had the same issue happen. None of them have gotten their refunds either. I submitted a Consumer Complaint to our Attorney General's office in Iowa.

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  • Eh
      Jul 09, 2009

    I'm also trying to get buy-in for a class action lawsuit against Redbox.

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  • Lo
      Sep 11, 2009

    The same thing happened to me just like the thread states. Returned movies and they said I did not. And charged my card multiple times. They are rude and act as if their business model and kiosks are flawless. When in fact it is new and has kinks. They take no accountability whatsoever. And it is really your word against theirs.

    They offered me a credit of half the charge. Why would I accept a credit I said? To admit that you are right and you still make half of 24.00 on me for a movie i returned the next day? NO WAY!

    If you think they are going to help you, think again. And prepare to sit on hold for 20 minutes or more over some movie you tried to pass an hour and a half watching.

    Dispute with your credit card company. This is fraud and Red Box will be on it's way to a class action lawsuit. If you rent from Red Box then you are vulnerable to this. Truth is a company cannot make money renting DVD's at a dollar a night, but they sure can by screwing you. And that is what they are doing. CONSUMER BEWARE.

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  • Wi
      Sep 14, 2009

    I am in the same boat as everyone else. I was looking over my bank statement and saw two separate charges for 24 dollars each from redbox a week apart. I called customer service (after being on hold for 25 minutes) and they informed me that I did not return two movies rented at different times. She said I may be forgetful and think that I returned them. The first one was one of two I rented. They have reciept of one going back but not the other. The next was rented by itself. I am not an idiot - and fully remember returning those movies. I am out 48.00 for a couple of crummy movies.

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  • Js
      Dec 24, 2010

    I rented A dvd and it was all scratched...i didnt even get to enjoy the movie...that sucks...

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      Aug 08, 2011

    I called them 30 days ago telling them that there was a time zone problem on there machines i have received 4 refunds in the last month. i asked if they were gonna audit there accounts and refund all the people who were fraudulantly overbilled and they told me only if they called in. I actually had the representative on the phone tonight as i retruned the movie.

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  • Ke
      Nov 09, 2019

    I am having this same issue. What can be done?

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