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I signed up for their Search Engine marketing program (pay per click) because their technology and transparency seemed very attractive. Sure, their rates were high, but if they could deliver what they said they could, it seemed worth it. What a waste of $3000 - this was the most expensive lesson I'vve learned. After touting themselves as the experts, they then went on to ask me for my list of key words I'd already been using on my own pay per click programs. They also told me I had to shut off all my other advertising I was doing online so as not to interfere with their program. What this lead to was our business phone NOT RINGING at all as they told me to be patient and let the campain ramp up. After two weeks of no results, and many missteps on their end (which they admitted to) they kept telling me to be patient. Well, after 6 weeks and hundreds of dollars and no results, and admitted mistakes on their end they refused to refund any of my money. They did let me out of my contract one week early, but this was the biggest waste of money I have spent in all of my years running a busniess. This was also the worst customer service experience I've ever seen. They actually told me, yes we made the mistakes, but no, we do not hold our people accountable for those mistakes. Unbelieveable. BEWARE!

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  • Er
      19th of Apr, 2010

    I am reading many of these complaints and a majority of them are from the same people over and over again- competitors, or past employees. I own my own web marketing company and have used reachlocals PPC services for about 4 years- I signed on as an authorized seller back before they had a local sales force. Out of all the companies I have used, reachlocal has brought my customers the best results.

    Its a shame then everyone believes what they read.

    I looked up Superpages, at&t, and yodle-- and they all have awful reviews. What people need to realize it is impossible for a company to please 100% of their clientel. Its a shame that people have to go on these "complaint boards, " and try to ruin a companies reputation.

    You have to ask yourself- ReachLocal is such a bad company...
    Why do they have an 85% campaign renewal rate?
    Why are they getting ready to go Public?
    Why do they have an A+ with the BBB?
    Why were they just named #1 Fastest Growing Technology Company in N America?

    1st off- Reachlocal does nothing with SEO. Its SEM.
    SEO and SEM are completely 2 different worlds. In no way does SEM(ppc) affect your SEO (organic/natural listings) on the page. You can contact Google directly and they will say the same thing.

    -3rdly Reachlocal has over 300, 000+ campaigns running right now. You simply cannot please 100 % of your client base. For any business owner- you know this is IMPOSSIBLE. As Im sure you have experienced-- you always have that customer here that will complain and you can't please NO matter what you do.

    4th - If your pay-per-click campaigns isn't getting the call volume you would like- WHY don't you take a look at your website. If you have an AWFUL website- why is anyone going to call you??? You cant Blame that on ReachLocal.

    5th- People talk about exoborant fees. They are a business- you are paying them for a service so you dont have to deal with the headaches of trying to set up an internet marketing campaign across 5 different search engines- then try to manage them all! The mark up is minimal.

    Do you own your business to run a profit? How much did you make off of replacing that garage door spring or the bathroom remodel you did last week?

    6th you have the ability to sit down with your rep and monitor your keywords at anytime. Are they going to disclose their entire keyword list? No, that is all of their hardwork. Why would they hand the entire keyword list over to you?

    If all the keywords are correct and you are getting visits to your website-- HOw can you blame Reach local for customers not calling you????? Fix YOur website!

    I don't advise The GOOGLE adwords EXPERT to switch to reach local. You know your business better than anyone.
    But if you are not a Complete expert with setting up an online presence on Google, yahoo, bing Etc then ReachLocal is the place to be. You could be wasting thousands of dollars if youre running campaigns on your own.
    They are an adwords Qualified company- they have been through the google testing.

    Nothing is 100% perfect, but if you have a great product and a great website- ReachLocal will do an amazing job for your company.

    Reachlocal is not a perfect fit for every single business- the business model does not work for 100% of all businesses- but 85- 95% of the campaigns run very well.

    If someone is Upset they run and tell 20 people. If they are happy, you'd be lucky if they told 1.
    This is the sad thing - Where is the page for the 100, 000 happy customers?

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  • Ma
      31st of Jan, 2011

    whoever listed all the comments obviously works for reach local. they did the same thing to my company and they advised they only issue credits, not refunds. now where did it say that? what a scam!

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  • Me
      9th of Aug, 2012

    Awful! Im one week into my contract with them and im fuming. I actually started crying about it.
    As a small business owner it feels horrible to be taken advantage of and That is how I feel.
    I wouldnt wish Reachlocal on anyone. Even my worst enemy!

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