RCN / Scam and cheating

United States

RCN offers business and residential customers a bonus for referring another business or residential customer who signs on with RCN for service. I had both a residential referral and a business one. I spent months trying to chase down my bonus credit for the residential referral.

As a small business, the credit it to be equal to one month's bill, which is significant enough. I referred another small business, who became a client. They specifically mentioned my biz to the RCN rep several times, to be sure I got the credit. I didn't. I emailed, no response. I called, and was told to fill out a referral form online, but that form is for someone you want to refer, not someone you already did.

Six months have gone by and now I finally got RCN to answer an email - their response - I"m "Not eligible' for the bonus because my account isn't in 'good standing'. It's not more than 30 days past due, it is sometimes a bit late (the cost of doing business in the present economy), but I have never failed to pay, or to call to say when payment would be made.

DON'T REFER ANYONE TO RCN! The 'referral bonus' is a joke, and frankly, a deceptive business practice!


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