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Rayner Covering Systems / Bad service

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I ordered a pool cover for a rental home in Colorado a couple of years ago.My tennants said the poolcover was inverted, as I was not living in the house I never really opened it up.

After close inspection I noticed it was inverted so I called Judy and tried to resolve this issue but now they want me to pay them to correct their mistake. The cover cost inexcess of $1500.00. I think they should correct their mistake.I now have a pool cover that is absolutely useless.I also own a business but I have never treated any of my customers like this. I would refrain from doing any business with a company like this.This is probably the worst example of a business on the web.

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  • Do
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    I am a Salesman for Rayner Covering Systems and looked into this matter. After reviewing the paperwork, the measurements that were sent were inverted. The drawing, based on the measurements provided, was sent to the homeowner and it was noted that the measurements were inverted. The homeowner, however, said that the drawing was correct and proceeded to sign off on it, authorizing the construction of the cover. If the mistake was made by Rayner Covering Systems, it would have been corrected at no charge. However, since the mistake was made by the homeowner, the company rightfully quoted a charge to fix the mistake. Rayner Covering Systems did in fact offer to pay for the shipping back and forth under its Repair Program, thus saving the homeowner additional charges of $100 - $150 and also offered to repair it at a reduced rate of $45 / hour instead of the $85 / hour rate that was in place at the time. That offer still stands today.

  • Av
      24th of Jun, 2010
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    I too have a complaint regarding Rayner. Their customer service is lacking in every aspect.

    I purchased a Rayner pool cover thru Backyard City costing 1000.00. After use of 1 year it came apart at the seams. Called Rayner and spoke with Judy, she sent label for shipping and I returned for warranty repair. Before I sent the 80 lb cover in I ask Judy if she wanted pictures of the damage so she could supply me with the best guesstimate that it was covered under warranty. Judy stated no pictures just ship the cover back. I did on 4/21/10 as of today, 6/24/10 I learned that the cover was not covered by warranty but they want 240.00 to fix the repair. They state that the cover came apart at the seams due to heavy snow or rain. This is not the case, we have a pump that came with the cover that stays on all fall and winter and we ensure that it is working properly and no water stands on the cover. As for snow, we didn't get any snow this year to cause any damage.

    Rayner will say anythign to not have to cover the warranty. They advertise the strength of the cover but obviously it won't stand up to the weight they advertise--false advertisement...

    I would not purchase another Rayner product. Stay away from Rayner. They are not customer friendly. I am also contacting the BBB regarding this issue to file a complaint.

    Ava Clark

  • Av
      24th of Jun, 2010
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    I have just spoken to Judy and Rayner is going to cover my repair under warranty.

    Thank you Rayner.

  • Ja
      20th of Aug, 2010
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    I sell Rayner Pool Covers and they have always treated us fairly and taken care of any issues that may have come up.When dealing with pool covers, unless it is a true rectangle, accurate measurements and good communication ( especially pictures of the pool ) will most always give great results. Rayner is a family owned business like ours and they work hard to take care of their customers.

    Jay Tucker
    Swim World Pools

  • Da
      17th of Sep, 2010
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    Like Ava Clark's issue above, I purchased a cover from Backyard City 2 years ago. I supplied a layout with the dimensions. When I installed it, it was a little small but I figured that it would work OK. When a seam broke during the winter (Michigan) I contacted and they sent a box and I sent the cover back in. On the form that I filled out for the warranty, I wrote "Small tear along seam Length is too short...Can this be extended? Thanks!" on the form. Well I got a new cover almost overnight without any calls and the cover was made too small just like the original cover. Last winter (pretty bad winter...), the pump failed and two of the cement holders broke and the pool was filled with debris when I opened it.

    I contacted and for some reason this is all my fault. The guy at BYC stated that I never told him about needing the cover extended. I told him that I filled out BYC's form and faxed it in...I'm not going to solve the form traveling process at BYC but I just want to get this cover problem fixed. The main reason I purchased this cover was to make my backyard kid friendly when the pool is closed and it is not safe. BYC suggests I purchase a different style cover and when I stated I wanted to return this cover they stopped communicating and said that I needed to go directly to Rayner Cover (Manufacturer)...

    The saga continues and I keep getting the run around. This should be a warranty issue. Not sure if the initial issue is BYC or Rayner's but I'm not a happy customer...

  • Cr
      13th of Dec, 2010
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    I just got off the phone with a rep from rayner industries. She was very rude. She kept talking over me. I had a cover issue. She kept telling me it was my fault. She even actually said that people should shovel their snow off their cover in the middle of winter. I said even two feet of snow. she said oh yea you need to get out their every time it rains or snows. I don't know how someone could shovel off 2 feet of ice and snow. Again she denied denied denied and was very rude. She seemed to not have peolple skills, but Rayner has her answering calls. Something seems wrong. Poor customer service.

  • Da
      13th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I wish I never bought the cover in the fisrt place...How is the cover supporting an elephant when it can support snow and ice? Am I missing something? Hopefully future purchasers find this site and steer clear of purchasing one of these covers...Trust me, I'm going to try and find this type of site before any large purchases especially those that deal with safety of my family...

  • Ra
      17th of Jan, 2011
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    I have read emails sent to our office manager from Mr. Brown and also the answers. None were rude. I appoligize for her if you feel she was. The cover was made as orderd from BYC. We offered to lengthen the cover but there would be a charge as this was a customers measurement issue not a Rayner fabrication issue. but Mr. Brown did not want to do this. We would send a box and pay shipping both ways. All Mr.Brown would be charged for is the labor to lengthen the cover. I also noticed that looking at pictures of the installation, the anchors are much too close to the edge of the pool . I am not able to see the entire pool and wonder what the over lap is on the other end. Could all of this just be installation instead? As for the pump, the pumps have a warranty with the manufacture. But a pump will freeze if left on the cover in freezing temps. And will not pump snow. Rayner at not time refused to lengthen the cover only that there would be a charge since Mr. Brown ordered the wrong size of cover for his pool.

  • Tb
      7th of May, 2013
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    We also have a problem with our Rayner pool cover. We have had our pool for over 13 years. When we first installed our pool, we had a pool cover installed (Not Rayner) that lasted 10 years. We ordered another cover from Rayner to replace the original. Two years after we installed it, the cover began to disintegrate and was in worse shape than our original cover. The sides of the cover are so threadbare that you can see through to the water and the edge seams are separating from the cover. They also wanted us to send our cover for them to inspect it and we can't be without a pool cover for liability reasons. We also sent photos. After 4 months, Dominic, a representative from Rayner, came to our house to inspect the cover. His first comment was that our cover seems to be in the sun and has sun damage. He also noted that there were bird droppings on the cover as well which he thought might be causing the disintegrate. His first remedy was for us to remove the cover and have it sent back to Rayner and they would replace the sides and patch the 20+ holes in the center. (Doesn't that sound like it would look nice?) After we mentioned the liability risks of the repairs not holding the weight of a child, Dominic said they would just replace the cover. I just heard that now we are only going to get a partial credit of $227.00 which won't even cover the cost of removing the old and installing the new. When we purchased the cover, we were told that it had a 5 year warranty, but the cover should last at least 10 years. Dominic said the full replacement warranty was for 1 year with a 5 year pro-rated replacement. And am I suppose to install a cover over my pool cover so it doesn't get sun or bird droppings on it? It seems if they aren't going to stand behind their product, they shouldn't be selling it.

  • Lr
      17th of May, 2013
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    I purchased a Rayner Mighty Mesh pool cover last year (August, 2012) through Leslie Pool Supplies. I had done quite a bit of research and settled on the Rayner because of the advertised resistance to ultraviolet light and because I believed a national company such as Leslie would not carry an inferior product. I immediately appreciated the fact that Rayner sent its own measurer to my house. That meant an expert measured the pool, not a pool cleaning service which acts as an agent for a pool cover manufacturer as an adjunct to its primary business. The cover was delivered on time through Leslie and fit perfectly. We opened the pool Thursday afternoon and I could see the bottom in the shallow end. When I checked the pool Friday morning, the pool water was sparking clear! Previously, it had taken at least one week and a lot of Shock to clear the water. My wife and I just kept looking at the pool in amazement as I congratulated myself for a research job well done.
    L. Isaacs

  • Tb
      25th of Sep, 2013
    0 Votes

    Good Luck with any pool cover purchase from Rayner! They DO NOT stand by their products! I don't know what kind of resistance to ultraviolet light you are talking about because my cover disintegrated within two years and was not under warranty. I recommend Aquamatic Covers (800) 262-4044! They're covers are made to last, not disintegrate.

  • Ad
      6th of Jun, 2015
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    I too have had a bad experience with Rayner. I purchased a solid safety cover through Backyard City in the fall of 2010. This was to replace a Plastimayd cover that lasted about 6 years. When I removed the cover in the spring of 2014 I noticed the vinyl coating had several spots that seemed to be separating so I called Backyard City and they told me I need to deal with Rayner and that they no longer sold their products. After lots of calls I finally got them to send their rep to look at my cover when he was in the area. The gentleman was very nice and professional, examined the cover and took pictures but told me all he could do was relay the information to Rayner. The answer I got was the problem was caused by hail which I feel is a crock especially because we have had little or no hail in the time the cover has been on the pool. Well I just recently removed the cover for the summer and the spots have gotten much worse, the cover is very brittle and now has a small split. I'm fairly sure they will be able to go to their list of why it's not their fault and blow me off again. Backyard City was very helpful through this process. I think there's a problem with the material but they assured me that they have had no other problems, imagine that!

  • Gf
      12th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    I purchased a Rayner cover for my pool in June of last year and used it one season. It came off the pool this spring with a 6 foot tare across two panels. I sent it back at their request and they sent me a repair bill at a rate of $85.00 an hour with a 13 hour estimate. After having the cover 1 year they want me to pay MORE than I paid for the cover in the first place to have I repaired? They are insane! Rayner knows nothing about customer service nor will they honor their so called warranty. Stay away from this company!

  • Mi
      27th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    @GF##1 Having 2 panels to be replaced does not take 13 hours to fix. Pending on the size of the cover, will take only 5-6 hours to fix and replace 2 panels. Sounds to me, you over over exaggerating as I had 2 panels replaced and was completely satisfied as the tears were our faults. Beware as pool dealers could actually charge you more so they can make a buck too. Think about it.

  • Ej
      12th of Sep, 2016
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    Rayner does whatever it can to blame the owner and nothing to do the problem. They claimed snags of the hooks on mine. Total baloney because the holes developed while the cover was on, not while being dragged or put away. They are also very unresponsive.

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