RatemdsBad service claims they give patients the ability to express their honest opinions about their medical providers. This is true in my personal experience with them up to this point.

BUT at their forums you can express anything but your honest opinion. They are controlled by a group of female permanent users or "professional" users, as I write this review, that have anointed themselves as helpless victims of the vagaries of life so it is ok for them to verbally abuse someone outside their circle at RateMds, but if you respond in kind even a little then it would be like hitting an old lady after she smashes into the rear of your car in their eyes and apparently in founder, John Swapceinski, as well because he enables them.

If you state an opinion not in line with their group think then your opinion will be negated by a "professional" user. If you persist in maintaining your view then several "professional" users will attempt to change your mind. If that doesn't work then you will be ridiculed, insulted, have statements you made taken out of context, your posts will be purposely interpreted as being hostile, you will be labeled a troll, and thrown off the site by founder, John Swapceinski, or a "professional" user that he gave administrator privileges to. needs to come clean in this area if it wants to be recognized as a trusted site by ALL of its users.

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