Westpac debit foreign transaction at cyprus
Amount $ 65.59 including fee of $1.90aud
Videos hd membership

Contact [protected] 3
I want to unsubscribe all membership claims from cyprus for adult videos. I no longer can afford such direct, recurring debits from my westpac
Account, as was done on the 14august 2017. Please accept this fact that I require immediate cancellation of any and all membership fees in my name with all pornographic websites and I request to be unsubscribed from your website so that all monthly bills of $65.59aud stop, as well as any other accounting period with any pornographic website or adult videos. I appreciate your fullest cooperation in unsubscribing my website : [protected] Please do not bill me anymore as I am nearly 73 years old.

  • Updated by sapii, Aug 31, 2017

    Recurring billing from pornographic and adult video outlets is a scam which I want to disassociate myself urgently and with haste, as I cannot afford such luxuries any more as I am 73 years old and spend all my efforts on food. Please unsubscribe, "[protected]" from all direct debits from Cyprus and all other pornographic video distributors and websites for adult videos and their membership fees.

Aug 31, 2017

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