Rapid FulfillmentI did not approve a recurring order of the product below called skintek

Dear rapid fulfillment:

Please stop sending me this product. To my knowledge, I did not approve recurring shipments of this product. I do recall buy one, get one free, which I checked. If there was some "sneaky" recurring shipment attached to that, I did not see it.

The rapid fulfillment company did not attach any contact information on the packing slip, such as, phone number, customer service contact email, product return label, or how much my credit card was being charged for the product (Which does not seem to even work as claimed anyway).

I am also filing a dispute with my credit card company. The product and order information listed below is how the product was listed on my credit card statement:

Order #: [protected]
Appears on your statement as: moleskin [protected] internet w1f 7ld gbr

My credit card was charged $39.95, but this did not appear on the packing label... And I did not even know how they were charging me until I looked at all of my accounts to find out how they were scamming me.

Thank you.

Mitchell watrous

Jan 18, 2017

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