Rama Deals — only half of my order received.

December 6, I ordered a 4 pack of luggage bungees for a total of $54.95 for Christmas gifts. It wasn't until January 2 that I received a shipment containing 2 bungees—-half of my order (#57060). I contacted your company and was assured that the rest of the order would be shipped as soon as possible. Nothing has arrived. After numerous emails back and forth (one telling me that my order had arrived on January 2-which was the incomplete shipment I was trying to address), Today I opened an email from the zendesk telling me that an uploaded photo was required of my issue. I cannot, obviously, upload a picture of an item that I have not received. I have reached a point where I feel that my only option is to contact the BBB and the FTC.

Jan 29, 2018

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