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Buffalo, NY, United States

I bought an easy fold as it didnt get here rama deals offered me a atore credit to buuy anything so i bought a mop when i went to put the store credit in which was Sligar that was in email said it was invalid this is the second time I've had hassles with this company the last one as I said was an easy fold which took me 4mth to get thru to them I showed them it came out of my bank account rang customs as well as the delivery centre so I showed them all the details them they said they couldn't find my name or where email address on there computers so I kept making complaints they told me not too msg back as they can't do anything else but when I emailed last week they said I had a store credit with my name SLIGAR as the in-store credit Tories it and it said invalid still have the emails that they sent me must b over 49 have done everything I can now I don't no what to do can I pls help me thank you for hearing me out

  • Updated by Michelle sligar, Sep 20, 2017

    I bought another product which didn't come so u got an email telling me ur store has given me a store credit the email said the store credit was under SLIGAR used this and it didn't go thru can u tell me what the problem is pls the folirst product I bought was an easy fold

Sep 20, 2017

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