Rakbank / The National Bank of Ras Al Khaimahunprofessional rak khalideya branch manager "sima"

My name is suad alkaabi. I am a long time premium account holder at rak bank.
I went on the 18th of april 2017 to make a money transfer to canada. As I was with the bank agent mr ashfaq hussain, the bank manager came and started a side conversation in indian, laughing loud, with no respect to my presence, then she took the agent to the side and kept going on with the conversation for a while (So unprofessional). Finally the transfer was done, and the agent said that it should take a couple of days for the money to reach destination.
By monday the 24th of april the money has not been received at destination so I went to the branch, and was told to wait a couple of days more. Finally I went on the 27th of april, 9 days later, and I was told that the money has been returned to my account on the 23rd of april because the bank destination refused the transfer, and I was not even informed.
When I asked the reason why it was rejected they said that the destination account is a special corporate account and no transfers were accepted to that account, which is not true, because that account is a regular personal account, and was charged an extra 100dhs for that reason, plus 50dhs transfer fees.
I asked to speak to the manager, and when she came I explained to her the situation, and she was very unprofessional very rude, she dont speak nor understand arabic, so my son was with me to translate, and when he tried to explain something she screamed at him rudely "dont speak". She even refused to refund the unjustifiable charges. Finally once we realized that its a waste of time trying to reason with her, we asked her for her business card because we will make a complaint, she did but we realized later that she gave us the business card of the agent "ashfaq hussain" not hers.
We left the bank and we did the transfer through national bank of
Abu dhabi, the money was deposited in the destination account in canada in less than 3 hours. Thank you national bank of abu dhabi, job well done.
I am launching this complaint because no bank client should be treated like that.
A bank manager should dress, talk and treat the clients in a professional manner and this branch manager sima has none of that. I request the refund of the charges unrightfully taken from me for a job not done or I will be considering closing my account with your bank.

Apr 30, 2017

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