Rakbank / The National Bank of Ras Al Khaimahfunds transfer via business banking

Details -
Funds transferred on 30th November. Banks closed for holiday so transaction occured on 4th December. Contacted customer service on 5th to check as the transfer had not been actioned. Was informed it takes time and will be done in a day. Same response on 6th. On 7th I was asked to send the swift copy to the beneficiary bank to check from their end. Unfortunately now it is Friday evening and the beneficiary bank won't open till monday that is 10th December.

So, other than the expensive fees I paid to transfer and the lower conversion rate that was applied at the time, I have to pay late payment fee in India where the funds were supposed to reach. I have spoken to customer service and complaints and asked for one response to one simple question.

Where can I lodge a formal complaint?

To this the eventual response was, sir as this is not regarded as a complaint we cannot help you further. The only step we have to offer is that you send the swift copy to the beneficiary bank and check with them. So basically I am not allowed to get like an email id where i can lodge a formal complaint to someone who can understand the plight of a customer.

I finally googled and found this and I hope someone with common sense can see the trouble this has caused and empathize for the least. Instead of someone reading out procedures and steps to do for the customer to find his money which he entrusted upon you and also paid a fee for it.

The manner of response from the customer service on 3 occasions was completely impolite. They either fail to understand the situation or do not know how to interact with an irate customer. I was constantly responded to in the following standard manner.

"Kindly note the steps to check on your payment"
"Kindly note as this is not a complaint we can't take it as a complaint"
"Kindly note it take 2-3 business international working days"

I am so sick of their responses that I guess I will sit on it and hope and pray that the money reaches to the BENEFICIARY bank one day.

Dec 07, 2018

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