Rakbank / The National Bank of Ras Al Khaimahcredit card

Dear rak bank,
This is get it to the notice of  someone responsible and someone who understands the problem in total clarity.
I applied for rak bank red credit card a month ago, everything was smooth and all my documents were duly filled and submitted. I received the card on 6th of may.
Post that as required I started the activation process, I sent the required sms and retained the 6 digit code. Thereon, I called the customer care ([protected]) for completing the procedure and activate my card.
But my small mistake lead me pay a lot.
I called using my personal number and unfortunately did not realize that it was low on balance. The call disconnected in the middle of the process. Ivr reading out my pin and the call got disconnected (To be specific).
Later, I retried and it said try half sometime, I again tried after an hour still the same.
I called the qusais branch and got a response that the card is now on hold.
Then I was asked to visit the branch, there an executive asked me to fill card lost form (Don’t really know why? But I didn’t)
Later, she told me to visit mirdiff branch as my savings account is with that branch.
Leaving my office (Which as it is super tough to leave) I went to mirdiff to resolve the issue.
There they took my documents once again (God knows why!!) and again asked me to fill a form, along with it they also told me that the security information in the system of your card is wrong (Mother maiden name to be specific) this is nowhere related to card activation still I completed the demanded procedure. Post this they said once this information is updated in the system then we will call you (Within 24 hours) but I did not receive any calls for 72 long hours.
I called back to ask about it. They said we ahev not received confirmation on the information update in the system and right after half an hour of my call, I received a call back with the confirmation (Isn’t it fishy?)
After this, I was asked to again send an activation message and receive the 6 digit code (Back to square 1), and complete the process from the beginning considering it as a fresh start.
I took a sigh of relief, but no rak bank seems to have personal issues with me, I tried sending the sms but it says sorry  we are not able to process.
I called the customer care again, and they said my verification is not correct and thus they cannot complete the process. This cycle repeated for more than 3 times and now am sick of it.
Now I just have a humble and polite final request, kindly complete the process in 2 working days or else return my documents, I will be more than happy to get an adcb simply life card without any hassle and  with at my doorstep service.
I hope am clear and I hope my words don’t fall on deaf ears.
Extremely dissatisfied.
Card owner: shahbaz ahmad
Card number: [protected]
Mobile : +[protected]
Awaiting a quick (Super quick response) at earliest.

May 13, 2017

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