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Rak / Rudeness

1 ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates

Today i experienced a rude customer service from RAK bank in Khalidiyah Branch in Abu Dhabi, first of all, the lady manager who seated at the entrance of the bank, will never smile / greet you when you greet her, instead she will show you her sour face. I was there to collect my liability letter, so she printed the letter for me. I asked about the clearance procedure, as in Commercial bank of dubai is going to take over the credit card, so she said sit there( where i was seated) and wait for any vacant customer service agent free and i can consult any of them. Two days later, i have an emergency coming up, that required me to leave UAE on the 13th aug for 10 days time, so i went to the bank to sign any clearance letter upfront, as the cheque is already approved but will be deposit on the 14th august.( FGB, NBAD allowed me to sign the clearance letter in advance and the cheques will be deposit by CBD just the next day), so This guy told me is not possible. He told me my liability letter is expired, which is not true, i know the letter is valid for 15 days, moreover it was applied only 2 days ago. Clearly he doesn't very sure. then every questions i asked he is asking his colleagues around for answer, finally he told me it is not possible to sign anything but he can't explain why. I asked for manager, at least i want to know what is thereupon i can't sign right? She was looking at me from far and didn't even come to me ( the distance between the me and her at that moment was only two table away and there are no other customer as it was only 9 am ) He came back to tell me it is a procedure that they have to have the cheque present and only they will process. Fine, procedure is procedure, then i asked what is the other option? He said i have to do that all over again since i am going to travel for 10 days. My question is i need to pay 100dhs again? he has to ask somebody else again, I said to him why the manager doesn't come to me when i asked for her? and she is not busy, apart of looking at her phone, and the rest of the people working there are chit chatting with each other and laughing? where is the respect for the customer? He raise his voice and told me stopped shouting at him !!! i was not even shouting, nor raise my voice, i just said thank you for the service, this is absolutely unacceptable and i am definitely going to file a complaint about the rudeness.

Aug 12, 2015

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