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I placed an order online for a PS2 for my son, (his just broke) for Christmas. Then I thought I would change the shipping so I could have it faster. I called the 800 number on their website and the douchebag on the other end supposedly changed the shipping method, no prob. Then I get an email 20 minutes later stating my order was cancelled, no reason given.

So again, I call the 800 number on the website and talked to douchebag #2. He said the order was cancelled at my request. So now I"m pissed. After going through the whole story with him he tells me I can reorder the playstation with a different card since now ther is a $130 hold on my debit card, my only debit card. So I request to speak to the supervisor. The supervisor isn't in yet and he can take my number and they will call me in 12-24 hrs.

Two days go by...nothing. My money still wasn't refunded and the supervisor didn't call me back. Now it's December 19th with no playstation and no money for the playstation. I can't even purchase one someplace local.

So I call back again and because radioshack will not verify my debit card info with my bank there are still several days left before the hold is released. The Supervisor( douchebag #3) does not offer any help or solutions except when the money is refunded, order another, pay for overnight shipping and they'll refund the shipping to me. IN WHAT 1-2 WEEKS...I DON'T THINK SO YOU IDIOT.

RadioShack has nothing but ignorant ###s that will not do anything to even help resolve what could have been a simple problem.

I just wanted to change the amount of time it took for the playstation to get here. Well, I got what I wanted...instad of 5-7 days it changed to NEVER!!!

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  • Rs
      Apr 06, 2009

    You ordered on the 17th, that would have been enought time.

    They gave you a way pay for overnight shipping and they'll refund the shipping to you.

    Who cares if it took 1 - 2 weeks to get the refund (would have been faster than that) Better that then your son without a great gift.

    You son would have had a happy christmas, looks like you were the grinch.

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  • An
      Apr 23, 2017

    @rshacker Nope. OP only had one debit card, which the funds were being put on hold by RadioShack. So they couldn't access any of the funds they were supposed to have.

    They simply wanted the Playstation to be received early, most likely to test if it worked or not. But the order WAS CANCELLED AND WOULD TAKE 1-2 WEEKS TO REFUND. But they NEVER received the refund in that time, and past the date that Christmas would arrive. So it would be impossible to place another order since they had ONE DEBIT CARD.

    Since they had only one debit card which the funds on it were being held by RadioShack and would take 1-2 weeks to refund. Yeah... It's obvious they don't have the money to use for buying a physical Playstation from a store in their local area.

    Please get your head out of your rear by assuming the mistake was all on OP.

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