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Radio Shack requires you to disclose personal information for a refund even if you originally paid in cash. On April 4, 2010, I made a purchase with cash. No one asked me for any personal information when I made the purchase, which is primarily why I choose to pay with cash for all my purchase. I returned the item on April 10, 2010, with original packaging and receipt. I asked for a cash refund which they agreed to. However, in order to "process" the refund, they required me to give them my first and last name, address and phone number. When I asked if they require this information even if the original payment was in cash, they replied Yes. So far, Radio Shack is the only merchant I have encountered with such an asinine policy. And as long as they continue with such a policy, I will never again be a customer of Radio Shack.

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  • Li
      14th of Apr, 2010

    It's so they can track how many returns you are making. Regardless of how you paid, they still need to know if you return only once in a blue moon or twice a week.

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  • Ru
      5th of Oct, 2010

    This sounds reasonable to me. They wanna make sure you dont buy things, use them for a while, and then return them all the time. They wanna make sure ur returns are legit.

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  • Po
      29th of Dec, 2010

    And they want to make sure that the returns are really being done by someone and not by a random employee pocketing money. All stores should have to.

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  • Ca
      6th of Dec, 2012

    They preventing fraud. By taking basic info they can track their returns... do not take it personal. They aren't selling your information.

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