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On Monday July 9th 8:13 pm, my husband went to Radio Shack in Big Rapids, to purchase a cord for our computer, after asking the clerk Christina, if this cord was compatible for our computer, she assured he that it was what he need. He spend or $40.00 for this item, only to get it home, and it was not what we needed. I tried to return it today, and met a Clerk Christina, and told her I would like to return the item, which was unopened... She said I could not return it, because she accused me of it being opened. Then she took it to the back room, and after returning back to the front desk the item, was then not looking the same as I brought it back into the store, they had opened it in the back room, and then the clerk Christina returned back to the front, and again accused me of opening the item, and said it could not then be returned if opened. I again stated it had not been open, and that she was blindly calling me a liar. The mgr. then came out and claim the same that it had been opened, that was after the fact the employee to the item to the back room, and brought it back out, differently as I brought it in to return it. I'm furious that this company Radio Shack in Big Rapids Michigan, not only accused me of doing something that I didn't do, and would not refund my money. I will NEVER but from this store again. This is steeling from the consumer. I owe retail businesses, and the customer is always right. It is apparent that the only way Radio Shack is still in business, is because it pisses off its buying customers, and steals their money. Both the MGR, and Employee need to be fired from Big Rapids Radio Shack.

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  • Ra
      Jul 26, 2007

    I work for Radioshack, and I can tell you that our return policy says that you can return the item in like new condition with the opened package and the receipt within 30 days of buying it. We do accept products with the open package for returns. You should report the salesperson and the manager to their district manager if you really want anything done. And as a retail employee, I must disagree with you and say the customer is never right. We ALWAYS have customers that come in and try to pull a fast one on us. For instance, this one guy bought a Bluetooth HS850 and had brought his old one in to show us, which was broken. then a couple days later he tried to return his old one in the new packaging of the one he had bought from us, and get money back that he did not spend at a radioshack store. We flatly told him that that was the same broken bluetooth he had brought in a couple days earlier and we wouldn't return his bluetooth he bought at another store that was not rasdioshack. He promptly left, knowing that he'd been caught.

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  • Da
      Nov 02, 2007

    And Christina was supposed to look in her crystal ball and have a vision of your entire computer setup and magically be able to guarantee that this is the correct one for you. She was going on the information your husband gave her, or probably didn't give her-- how many men aren't too proud to ask a female RS employee which is the right product for them? I'm sure he either gave her no info or wrong info, and how did you find out it was incompatible? Sounds like you opened it and tried it. It sounds like you still deserve a refund, but please don't stretch the truth or claim that your husband gave her all the right info when you weren't even there and have no clue.

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  • To
      Jul 01, 2008

    I recently tried to buy a television at the Providence Place Mall store. I was the only customer in the store. A heavy set woman named Patti waited on me. She was disgusting. She was more interested in her phone call then in answering my questions. I needed some batteries and deceided I would look around some more before I made a big purchase of a TV. As I was trying to purchase the batteries she talked on the phone the whole time, (very rude when conducting business) I just walked out of the store and will never return as long as that fat, rude slob Patti works there!

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  • 11
      Sep 20, 2009

    The customer is not ALWAYS right.

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  • Ba
      Sep 20, 2009

    Had the same problem with radio shack. Bought a battery for a cordless phone, took it home and it was the wrong style. tried to take it back and they claimed the package was opened. Sorry I did not open it. I will never do business with Radio Shlock again.

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  • Po
      Dec 29, 2010

    I work for Radioshack and you CAN return the items if they are opened just as long as you have the packaging and the receipt within 30 days. And like Dan Feldman said, how do you all know it didn't work if you didn't take it out of the packaging? That's just common sense right there.

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  • So
      Apr 05, 2012
    Radio Shack - Very poor service
    Radio Shack
    615 12th St. NW
    District of Columbia
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    It seems that Radio Shack employees in DC are either poorly trained or simply rude. I purchased cell phone cases from Radio Shack in Virginia and been able to return them if they didn't fit - yet when I tried to open an easily closeable package at the 12th NW store I was told that I'm not allowed. The employee actually expected me to purchase the product without actually looking at it even though their was a definite possibility of it not being applicable and the package was easily re-closable. As I said at Virginia Radio Shack stores I have not had this problem so its either something with bad Management in DC or bad employees. I guess the moral of the story is avoid purchases in DC which by the way makes you walk out of the store without a bag as well. Its seems that the old saying of Southern hospitality has something to it after all.

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  • He
      Apr 05, 2012

    the package should tell you if it would fit your phone. If you open it and then it doesn't fit and you put it back on the shelf, and someone comes along they would rather have an unopened package. Some stores are lax on their rules but others are more strict. It is their policy and that does not mean they are rude, they are there to make a profit and it is hard to make a profit on a package that has been tampered with

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  • Ma
      Apr 05, 2012

    You state that in Virginia you were able to return cases if they didn't fit, but in the DC store you had not purchased the case yet. Are you sure that in Virginia they would have let you open the case in the store, prior to buying it? Did you ask if you could open the package, or just try to open it on your own? On another note, how many cell phone cases do you need to buy at Radio Shack that you don't already know what fits your phone?

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  • Ro
      Apr 05, 2012

    So purchase it, open it right there, and return it promptly if it doesn't fit. Sheesh.

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  • Th
      Apr 06, 2012

    "Now anytime a store not Walmart actually enforces their store policies they are called rude or badly managed."


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