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1 Viriotgasse 5 A-1090Wein, Austria Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: +43.4313100837

I have contacted this website many, many times requesting that they remove my late husband's information (John V. Dietman). Now, instead of removing his listings, they have added several more (see attachments).
My husband was a very private person who diligently strove to keep his information off the internet. Were my husband still alive, he would have been mortified (no pun intended) to see his information published on the internet. His death has not changed this circumstance, nor does it excuse any website from trampling upon his former humanity. Out of respect, his wishes must be honored.
Mary E. Dietman, Grieving Widow

Dec 5, 2013
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  • Iw
      7th of Dec, 2013
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    Thank you for complaining about this. I think your situation is very sad, and I feel very sorry for you. The Better Business Bureau ( has a number of complaints about this company. They have an "F" which is the lowest rating possible. I hear that their U.S. operations are headquartered in Massachusetts. The servers supposedly do not reside in the U.S. Is there anyone who wants to sue this company? Possibly many people can join in. Does anyone know what country their servers reside in? Would anyone be interested in boycotting their company if they don't start to comply with reasonable requests for information removal?

  • Ma
      8th of Dec, 2013
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    I checked them out on this "whois" wesite: Type in: The owner is Gary Nard, who also uses several other similiar surnames, such as "Nord." His email address is The address listed is Viriotgasses 5, A-1090, Wein, Austria. The phone number listed is +43.4313100837. The fax number is +1.1111111111. The site is registered under, with name servers listed as and
    A class-action lawsuit may have potential, but it would probably be more effective to bombard radaris with removal requests from people who are listed on this website. If I'm evaluating the circumstances correctly, that list would include anyone in the U.S. whose name also appears on the WhitePages website.

  • Ra
      6th of Feb, 2014
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    I only recently heard of Radaris when I googled my name and found that they had created a whole profile on me (without my knowledge OR AUTHORIZATION!) Ive called the ONLY contact number they provide and its always the same thing an automated message states they are sorry but all there customer service reps are taking calls and due to high call volumes might not be able to answer right away then around the same amout of time will pass (evertime ive called) and then it will say something about how they Value my time blah blah and then it kicks over to leave a vioce mail and although Ive left many voice mails have yet to hear back from them! Ive emailed and emailed and have not heard anything... and I dont think I will. So how do we get our information off the internet with someone whos smearing our information all over and not responding to the people that are wanting it removed??

  • Le
      11th of Feb, 2014
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    I also have had the SAME problem. I even explained I have a permanent protective order for myself and family and they are jeopardizing our safety! They still will not remove my information. They are the ONLY site that refuses to allow me to opt out and remove my info.
    This is right out making me sick! I have sent an email to the FTC the BBB and the attorney general office and a news station as well have not heard anything yet. I would definitely want to join a class action lawsuit against this monster!!! All of us must do something about this everybody contact everybody you can to expose these people violating our privacy maybe if enough people join together something will be done. They have an option to remove information if you are law enforcement or a government employee once you prove so the. They will take the information down then why can't they remove our info. They are also being prejudice against anybody not being law enforcement or government!!! Time for LAW ENFORCEMENT and GOVERNMENT to step in to protect us including possibly the FBI to do an investigation on this website to find out what they are doing with our private info. As well as them possibly making money on all of us and violating laws!!!

  • Ma
      24th of Apr, 2014
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    Radaris provides false information also. Today they send me several time email saying that my information hasbeen removed from their website but everytime after their email when I went to their web site my information was there. If I can help you or anyone to put down radris let me know. My email is

  • Bi
      27th of Apr, 2014
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    I have been through the same deceiving process by Radaris to remove my personal information from their website. Marama, thank you for posting. My email address: if you want to join efforts to bring these crooks to justice.

  • Gd
      17th of Jul, 2014
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    This is an invasion of privacy and safety concern to me. They said they will only take down your information if you are a govt official or law enforcement. Why are we not protected? My addresses, phone numbers, job, education and pictures of me stolen from FB which I have private and linked in are everywhere ! I want to join anyone whose willing to take these guys down. On the web I found an attorney who seems to be working on a class action lawsuit but I believe that you need to show proof that radaris has used your information for selling purposes. I am shocked to hear we are helpless and our personal information can be spattered all over the net for any psycho path to see. I would like to partake in taking these jerks down!

  • Pe
      23rd of Oct, 2014
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    Visa - Bank of America caught Radaris taking money from my account. I am not clear what they are going to do. I am clear what I am going to do. I think a personal visit is called for. I have the resources and technical skills to discuss with them personally, my displeasure.

    Here's a nice health tip in advance for Radaris and its employees. Sooner or later you should have known this is going to happen. You annoyed the wrong people So - why not save yourself from living an unhealthy life, and find some other line of work, and residence, outside the continental United States ? I think 30 business days from the date-of-post of this comment, should be ample time for you to consider the above.

    Peter F. Hartmann
    Paulden, Arizona

  • An
      27th of Oct, 2014
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    everyone there is a class action lawsuit agains Radaris!!!

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