QuickBooks Intuit Payment Network / Improper fees not refunded

1 Mountain View CA, United States

Intuit Payment Network rips off small business. We received an phone order and processed the charge though them for just under 10, 000.00. The next day we found out that the order was fraudulent. We attempted to contacted Intuit and after being put on hold just credited back the bad charge.

We then found they charged us the merchant fees for both the charge and the credit - over $625.00!!! We contacted them and they refuse to even discuss the fees. Every time you call their customer service it takes over a half hour to get through, that is if their system doesn't cut you off first. Then when you ask to escalate the request they hang up on you.

They refuse to talk to you to discuss any type of refund.

They take money from your account, but will not give you any service or refund improper charges.

They are the most expensive rip off processor out there!

Jan 29, 2015

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