Quality Inn / not up to expectations, wanting refund. denied.

Redwood Falls MN, US

Did my research and "settled" for a hotel in the Redwood Falls MN area, due to the price (we actually paid $30 more than quoted on the website, but "it has a pool and breakfast") and the fact we stayed there in 2004 and it was really nice and clean...did not prepay. Worst mistake ever...actually staying the night at this "Drug Den" was miserable.

The hotel is under renovations. No where on the website did it state this. The only reason I knew this was that I'd driven past it about a month ago, and could tell renovations were taking place. The signage was bad. Just one tiny sign on the side of the building, even though there is a sizable markee on the land that is standing empty. There is a huge hand written "now hiring" sign on the building and it was bigger than the sign.

When I book a hotel, it's for the Hot Tub. I play the extra money so I can enjoy my stay. When we "checked in", my husband paid for the hotel, got the key for the room and we left for the whole afternoon, not getting back to the hotel until 8:30ish PM. The front desk clerk watched us walk in, never stating to us that "the elevator is out of order" (I need an elevator, I have a bad knee) nor did she tell us that the pool was under construction and that they have removed the Hot Tub. When I'd asked about the elevator, she said, "it's currently out of commission, but the stairs are right behind you" in a very rude tone of voice. I finally make it up the stairs and walk all the way down to the end of the hall to our room. I called the front desk dreading the worst, as I did not see a sign for the pool or smell any chlorine. I asked about the pool and she said, "sorry, but the pool is under construction". I got off the phone with the staff, looked at my hubby and he and I were fuming mad...I collected myself and went down to the front desk to speak to a manager to get our money back. I simply stated "the whole reason I booked here was for the pool and Hot Tub and you have neither. I would have never wasted $106 for a room here, I'd stayed elsewhere for roughly $10 more." She stated she was the assistant manager and she'd have to call the District Manager to "see what they could do" I politely said Thank You and call us back on the room phone...she called back approximately 5 minutes later (after I finally got back up those stairs again.) She stated, "because we hadn't said anything earlier, the best she could do is give us $10 off the room." Um, excuse me? We'd been there-physically there- for maybe a half hour and knew nothing about the pool and Hot Tub not being available. I tried to make the most of it, thinking oh well...maybe the "complimentary breakfast" will make up for this. Boy, was I wrong...

No where in our room was any information, like pool hours, TV channels or even what time breakfast was available. I didn't want to bother the front desk again, and hoped that breakfast would be open around 7. We go down to eat breakfast (me and those stairs again) and I look around. There is a half loaf of bread, 2 kinds of cereal and this "make your own waffle thing" and half a pitcher of milk. I thought, "well, I'll just have some toast and cereal then...that's what I eat at home." Noted that there was one fork. No spoons, no knives. I approach the non friendly front desk and it's unoccupied. I use the "complimentary phone" to call them as the sign says, and a young man answers as "front desk" and I'm thinking he must be invisible. I tell him I'm attempting to eat breakfast, but there are no spoons, no knives and 1 fork. He says, "oh, okay...I'll restock." He does, but only forks and spoons. They're out of knives...shocker? Not really. We eat a little, and in walks this gal that takes a short look around and she approaches the front desk which is now occupied by the "assistant manager" again. She states to her, "Um, okay, so I'll run out now and get more milk, juice, muffins and bagels." I was so dumbfounded...if breakfast is supposed to be available at 6am, why wasn't it? (The hours were posted on the wall) By this time, I am so mad that I got up from the table and didn't even look at them as I walked past to get to those same stupid stairs again. You could tell by my reddened face I was furious.

What I want now, is a full refund. My bill was $106.14. They did reimburse me $10, but the challenge to keep my anger in check and not sleeping that night is priceless. I don't have any photos of this place, due to not wanting any remembrance of this place on my phone. All my 400+ friends on Facebook knows how mad I was and to never stay there. Actually, if that place is still in business a couple of years from now, Thank Your druggies that stay there. It was so, so bad. Way too much money for a toilet, hard mattress and flat pillows. I also want to point out that there were "pubic hairs" in the desk drawers, dirty ledge on the bathtub (looked like renovation debris) and the oily head mark on the head board. (None of us had sat there-yet-so it wasn't us. Ew.)

Please, please, please. Do the right thing...refund me. That's it

Nov 20, 2017

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