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I continuously see more people complaining about Purity Products "charging them money, ripping them off, signing them up for things they didn't want" and it's simple... When you call to order a Free Bottle & you pay part of the shipping, They OFFER you to sign up on the Super Saver program, which is 25%-30% off the retail price of the products. It's not REQUIRED! If you LISTEN to the representative when you call, they are giving you an option. You either say "okay" meaning you agree to the Super Saver which is the automatic shipments or you simply say "No Thank You, I do not want to be signed up for anything other than the free trial offer" in which case you are not set up on the Super Saver or Auto Ship, whichever you prefer to call it.
If you sign-up online for the free bottle offer, there is a box that you check and it reads...By clicking this box you agree to become a Super Saver customer and will receive 3 bottles every 3 months @ "price per bottle"...
I have been a customer of Purity Products for over 10 years and have NEVER had a single problem with them or their products. It's nice to know I can get pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals that are Made in The USA and are held to the highest of quality standards, above and beyond what is required.
Now, people, please get your brains in your heads and save the world from your stupidity...

Feb 4, 2015

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