Pure Medical Spa / Laser Hair Removal

San Diego, CA, US Review updated:

I went in to Pure med Spa for laser hair removal, because I done research on the pricing of other places and since it was in the summer it was cheaper then most other places for Laser Hair removal in San Diego. Well after paying like 2, 000 dollars for 6 treatments most of my hair just grew right back. when I went to call them and asked if I could have a re treatment since I though the nurse rush through the procedure. they told me they did not give refunds and if I was unhappy I would just have to buy more treatments and see where it goes.

So please everyone that reads this dont get anything done at Pure Med Spa they have bad customer service and don't care if you are not happy or blessed with your results of your Procedure. So in the long pure med spa might lure you in with cheaper prices then most places and better promotion but in the long run if your treatment or procedure leaves you unhappy and unpleased you will not get a refund and you will have to buy more treatments to fix the bad job that they do

I have found an other place in San Diego for Laser hair Removal in which I go now for laser treatments. Its called American Laser Centers and they do a very good job they give all their clients a written 2 year gurantee for hair removal so if anything hair grows back after your last visit you can just come back and zap it off for free

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