Pure Medical SpaFraxel & microneedling

I went to Pure Medical Spa to rejuvenate my skin and ended up scarred. The first procedureIi had was the Fraxel. After the procedure my face was burnt and full of puss-filled blisters. New wrinkles appeared after my skin finally healed. I was told that I must have received a "REALLY GOOD treatment". I had bought a package so I thought that the next Fraxel would take care of the damage from the last procedure. At my appointment, I asked about the RF Microneedling and decided to try it since the Fraxel caused more damage to my skin. As it turned out, the lady who performed the microneedling procedure on me had no real experience. The manager knew of the attendent's lack of experience but encouraged her to continue with the procedure. During the procedure I could hear my skin being seared like a piece of meat and was in a great deal of pain. I assumed at the time that it must be a painful treatment which had to be endured to get good results (no pain, no gain), but soon realized that my faced was being branded. I now have scars across my nose, chin and on the side of my face. I called the office with my concerns and sent pictures, but didn't get me in for an appointment until 5 days later.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Raleigh, NC When I went in for the appointment I asked if I should take my makeup off and the woman immediately replied, "No, I've seen the pictures". She clearly did not want the patients in the waiting room to see what happened to my face. I asked for a refund and was told that I could have a free Fraxel procedure. This was a nice offer, but who in their right mind would want another procedure performed at this establishment after the damage already done? I requested a full refund, but was told to wait some time for the managers to meet with me. This made me more angry and frustrated. When I threatened legal action, a manager finally called me and acted concerned. She told me that it sounded like my only concern was getting a refund. I said that I wanted my money back so that a trained plastic surgeon could try to fix the damage that was done. She then said she'd send in a prescription of Retina for me to use immediately. It's a good thing I checked with my doctor first, who said that using Retina right now would damage my skin further. When asked to speak to the owner of Pure Med Spa, they would not give me any contact numbers and was told that a manager would contact me. I amseriously considering legal action if this is not settled shortly.

Jan 30, 2017

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