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I purchased a Shih-Tzu puppy 2 years ago from the company which was at that time called Purebreed breeders. I kept this beautiful dog for 2 years. Paid for extensive training and loved him. He became aggressive and difficult and at this point had extreme separation anxiety. I could not take a shower without the dog screaming and crying. He was emotionally sick. My vet stated that the dog had been taken from his mother and liter mates way too early. So, to make a long sad story short. I told all this to Puppy spot and they said they have a re-homing department that would take back the dog. Of course this was never told to me and not in their extensive contract. I found a older man and woman to take little Toby--they love him and are retired and will spoil him. Long story short Puppyspot sells very young dogs to anyone who can pay them/ Avoid like the plaque.

Nov 29, 2017

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