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Do not buy a Pulte Home!
My new wife and I bought a new Pulte home before it was completely built in December of 2008. They did not build the house right. I don't know much about building homes that is why I paid hard earned money to purchase this house and now we have the following problems: The attached the truss to the frame of the building which caused plenty of problems. As the truss lifted and moved (as it should) it brought the rest of the house up and down which lifted the sheet rock walls off the ground and cause "nail pops" which is when the nails poke through your sheet rock ceiling. Also, as the truss lifted the columns in our kitchen broke free from the ceiling leaving gaps between the tops of the columns and the sheet rock ceiling. So the house is pretty much coming apart at the seams.

Here is the kicker. There are about a dozen homes on my block that I know of that have the exact same problems and worse. We would like to put a class action suit on them or take them to court individually. These are all things you do not want to think about or deal with when you pay a huge down payment on a house like this and have a mortgage to work for and pay for each month. Not to mention if the house is going to fall on top of us as we sleep.

Yes, Pulte came in and "fixed" the issues, but two months later the same problems are occurring. Not to mention, none of their contractors speak English and I am afraid to ask for their green cards. Now I get referred to the Pulte website to request service issues, don’t speak to a person and I can't get my representative to call me back.

Long story short: Do not buy a Pulte home. They will suck you in with financing and smiles on the upfront. But on the back side of the experience, no smiles, no phone calls and a home that is shaky at best - Brand New!

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  • La
      26th of Jan, 2011

    We are experiecing similar problems in Ashburn Virginia in a 55 and over Del Webb community. The problems all seem to go back to the roof trusses. The models are all experiencing the same signature cracks. Only here we have over 75 homes right now with similar issues, ranging from bad to worse. Our home has been fixed 5 times since we purchased it in late 2007, but the cracks keep on re-appearing. This will be the 6th time they will be fixing our home. Now Pulte has sent a letter out to us and to many of the other homeowners saying that they will do this fix in 6 months ( a year after they fixed it last) in June 2011. They further state that this will be the final fix. We honestly feel that this is only a bandaid fix and this problem will not ever go away unless they fix it right. We have contacted out congressman, sentators and local county officials but so far nothing has been done. We are also trying to contact news media to get this publicized more but fear that Pulte is buying everybody off. Class action law suit sounds like the path we might be taking, but wouldn't it be nice if we could organize all over the country? Understand it is happening in many of the Pulte homes all over the U.S.

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  • Al
      30th of Dec, 2014

    We too bought a Centex-Pulte home in 2009 and the roof is already leaking all the way in to master bathroom. I called and told them what’s going on. They said the warranty for roof leak is 5 years, but they send a service manager, but no one showed up. This is the worst home experience ever!!!.

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  • Tr
      29th of Aug, 2016

    Pulte Homes This House is Falling Apart
    Would you invest in a home builder that builds a house that looks like this after a few years?
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