Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes / scam alert

United States Review updated:

This morning I finally answered a phone call from [protected]. This was not the first call I had received from this number but was the first I had answered. The call originated in Jamaica and was from a man who gave his name as Michael Watson. Mr Watson first said he was calling from the Publishers Clearing House to inform me that I had won a sweepstakes for $2, 500, 000 and a new Mercedes. He sent an email to one of my business emails and asked that I call him when I got it. Later in the day I called him back and told him nothing about it looked right to me and please don’t bother me again with his calls.

Throughout the day I have had no fewer than 8 phone calls from this man wanting to know what the problem was. Why didn’t I want my $2, 500, 000 prize. I then explained to him that I wasn’t sending anyone $500. If I had, in fact, won a prize I shouldn’t have to pay for it.

Mr. Watson told me that the $500 was so that it would be tax free! Once again I told him I wasn’t paying $500 for a prize and not to call me again. At this point he asked if I wanted to talk to his general manager. I didn’t really understand the name of the general manager (these men are both very hard to understand and speak with a very heavy accent). The second Mr. Watson also told me to go to CVS or Walgreens and purchase green money back card, to be sure and get a 14 digit card rather than the 16 digit one because it wouldn’t work in their system and call him back immediately so I could have my prizes delivered.

When I questioned him about what bank the prize check was to be paid on he said the Bank of America, my earlier email showed a check from the Bank of Wachovia which has been out of business since 12/31/08. He informed me that the Bank of Wachovia is a branch of the Bank of America-which it isn’t, they were bought out by Wells Fargo, and that my prize check could easily be transferred to my personal bank.

I haven’t and don’t intend to have any more dealings with these men and I hope by taking the time to make this posting it will help some others keep from making a very costly mistake. Please be forewarned–they are very persistent!!

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  • Ny
      2nd of Jun, 2012

    i recieved several of these calls as well. when i told him no and it was a scam he started cursing at me and asking what my problem was and why i didnt want my mercedes i again said dont call my phone this is a scam. I hung up later in the day got another call from the same guy SCAM

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