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Public Storage / public storage is using an illegal contract in california, violating sssfa and all their customers in the process.

1 Los Angeles, CA, United States
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I say this out of my own Experience with Public Storage Inc and then researching the law and their illicit Form Contract that does indeed violate that law in multiple provisions they have authored into it. And they hold the contract up like Captain America's Shield when it actually illegal!

If you have experienced Public Storage Inc. tacking on late charges at the drop of a hat, that's because they do, and they are violating the Governing Storage Laws set forth in California with their Scofflaw Contract that is in Violation for the actual laws of CA. Public Storage as a policy are sleazy and deceitful and apply their late charge days before they are actually allowed to by law, and they don't stop there! They then deceitfully Defraud their late customers by illegally stacking on two more late fees they call "Lein Sale" fees, but these are indeed additional late fees that violate SSSFA, the Governing Law for their industry. They know most people don't know the law and they aggressively make the customers feel that it is their own fault if they were late, when they are deceitfully tacking on more charges then they are legally allowed to. And they have been getting away with it!!!

Public Storage as a policy are blatant Scofflaw Corporate Thieves. I would suggest any other storage place that does not use the same contract, as many do, taking a sleazy cue from the Corporate Thievery Public Storage Inc. subjects their California customers to as a corporate policy.

Public Storage

Feb 25, 2017

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