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We booked a storage unit 1 month from moving, had to cancel it bc they don't hold them for that long (after the 2nd visit there I was told this). Ok, np. Booked a unit 11 days from moving (I looked at the unit twice). Morning before move, I get an email stating the fee is now double what I originally reserved online. Well that's odd since I have the email confirmation stating it was the $1 move-in special. Called the facility, was told there is nothing they can do about it and call customer service. Called customer service, was told the email was wrong with the lower price and I should call the Storage Facility.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Chicago, ILSomething totally not right here. Called facility back 2 more times, called customer service once more, even left message for the owner ( who checks his VM twice a day). Owner stated the original reservation was a "pre-reservation". Ok, I get if it was, but NO WHERE on the email does it state that.
We even had to end up renting from here bc the movers were literally on their way to the facility. We were stuck. The unit we rented was smaller, cost more, damp, and smelled of mildew/mold.
Way to scam more money out of your customers at the last minute when they are already dealing with the stress of moving. This facility did not make anything easy.

Apr 30, 2017

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