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Public Storage / public storage 6917 oporto madrid blvd birmingham, al 35206

1 Birmingham, AL, United States

I had placed items in this storage at the end of September 2017. I put a credit card on file to take care of my fees. Someone used my credit card right after I put it on file with your company so I had to get a new card. I forgot to call and give them my new number and I did not think about it until I got a certified letter dated Nov 2, 2017 saying I had 15 days to pay my bill or they would auction off my things in Dec. I did not get the letter until Nov 10 and I went on Nov 12 to pay it. When I went to pay my bill I was shocked when the receptionist told me that they had done a skip on my unit. When I asked her what that was she told me that they had destroyed my items because they thought I was taking things out and did not intend to pay my bill. I had been there several times adding to my storage. I was in shock and devastated at my loss. I told her that if things had been taken out of my storage unit that they had been stolen because I had not removed anything. I filed a theft report with the police and they got a picture from your staff of what was in my building and I really could not tell that there was anything missing. The police told me that it was against Alabama law for them to do that. It looks like a license to steal to me and I do not believe that the nice things I had in storage were destroyed. I would guess that they are in one of your employees homes. I have asked through an attorney for them just to return my things and they will not reply. He has also asked for a signed contract from your company because the copy I was given was not signed. My son went over and filled out the paperwork and paid for me because I was working. I would like for you to please send me a copy of a signed contract. I am very upset with your company and have talked to 2 other people that stored at this same one and they had the same thing happen. Please tell me who authorizes this horrible policy. And why you would sent me a letter stating the Alabama law and not wait until Nov. 17 like your letter said to give me the opportunity to pay. The police said you could not do anything legally with my things until the auction date.

Thank you for your help.

Marie Naish
457 Chapel Hill Cove
Fultondale Al 35068


My sons name is Chad Naish

Mar 9, 2018

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