Public Storageillegal tampering with an cliente account

Prior to April 4, 2017, my bill was payed for know problems, except for an employee who was making rude comments and suggestions of making a get away with my rent money. Which is exactly what they did. Because two to three days later someone placed a padded lock on my unit A145, and I was locked out from my unit without a notice. The next day my gate code was disabled and I couldn't even get into the building, "without any notice".See Top 10 Worst Companies in Seattle, WAIt's now 4 weeks later numerous calls to customer service, no emails of an explanation, and the run around by the property manager, and DM, as to what's going on with my unit rental. Customer service has mentioned that a 6 month pay increase was added, but they did not see anything stating an exclusion from my UNIT. Now there manager wants to speak with me regarding an unspecified subject. I don't have time for there assumption, I'm a paying customer, and would care less if they are insecure about something going on off the record. I will pay my bill. But my gate code needs to me restored and the lock they put on needs to be cut.

May 08, 2017

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