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Kent, WA, United States
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The Afro-American woman began harassing me by pounding on my window of my vehicle that i got into because of the hail and rain. I was killing about an hour of time before having to pick up my son from school down the street. She threatened me and said she was watching me sleep all morning which is a lie. She yelled at me demanding that I leave the property and that unit will lockdown and i would be trespassing. She was absolutely out of line. I have been renting hear for 200 a month for months and never have been miss treated. I called the manage and left a message but the Afro-American called Me back threatening again very angry demanding that I leave at once. I was getting some things out and putting things in my unit while killing time so I have done nothing wrong. I am so upset I truly have been bullied harassed and feel very violated !

May 12, 2017

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