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Public Storage / closing out my account, and the unacceptable treatment I received regarding that.

1 Chatsworth, United States
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I called customer service for public storage on the 31st of January because I was emptying out my unit and closing my account. They told me I just needed to have the storage cleared by the time the office was closed. I went there at about 3:30 p.m. and got everything out of my storage unit and as I was about to leave I called the customer service line and asked if I needed to go in the office or if I could close out my account over the phone and she said she could help me with that. and she asked me if the unit was completely empty and if I had taken my lock off and I told her yes. So she told me that wlas it and I was all set because they do a lock check 1 hour before closing which would have made it like 5 p.m. when they would do the lock check and any unit that doesn't have a lock they check and if it's empty they go ahead and close out your account. So I just left and that was at like 3:40 on the 31st of January. Then I received a late notice for February so I called the office of the location where I rented and told the location manager that I had emptied out on the 31st of January and that I took my lock and she called me back and said that my lock was on there till the 11th of February and that I was going to be charged for February. I insisted that I emptied out and took my lock on the 31st of January, so she said well we can figure this out I'll check your last gate entry and get back to you. She calls me back and says I have your last gate entry as 3:40 something on the 31st of January but still insisted that my lock was there the whole time because she's the one that checks and said I was going to be charged for February and if I didn't pay it would go to collections. So I contacted the district manager and he called me back today and even though I told him to go to video footage and the fact that she even brought up the gate code as if that would be the decider. He still told me that it was impossible that the lock wasn't on there they said it for the first the second the third the fourth the fifth, 6th 7th 8th, , , add the way to the 11th was impossible. even though I'm sure you guys could access the phone record of me calling your customer service 1 minute before exiting my last time to see if I had to stop in the office to close out my account or not and the fact that I did use the gate the last on the 31st of January at 3:40 p.m. wasn't enough for him to just give me the benefit of the doubt and not call me a liar instead he said you just to save us both times that I know this didn't happen you're a liar but I'm going to wave the last feed because you've been with us for 3 years. My experience with you guys for 3 years was fine until that I very end and I will never rent from Public Storage again because of this. I didn't even know you had records of the gate code entry times so do insist that I came back and you that and hop the I didn't even know you had records of the gate code entry times so to insist that I came back sometime in February and hopped the gate to go take my lock off in order to hide record of me entering is ridiculous and insulting.

Feb 13, 2018

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