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I ordered product, well about 20 grand worth to date, and every time it takes a little longer than it should I'm thinking okay well it still must be good cause everyone wants it... I've been to the lab where this stuff is made, the amount of product that facility is kicking out and they're still behind, wow. It's kinda like the i-phone, they're always sold out at first, yet there is always a demand... cause everyone wants the best product on the market! If your so bored you need to type complaints about shipping, go to google type in "ketogenic diet for" then each letter of the alphanbet by itself and see what pops up.. that's what you get to look forward too, in 30 mins by drinking a freaking drink... dont allow disalousioned people's comments mislead you, if you seen what I seen in the last 8 months as far as helping people.. you'd be typing this message too! Try this - talk to your referee - get a 5 day experience to find flavour and understand how and why you take it - buy a 30 serving pack (2 if your serious about getting better. results (reccommended) 1 a day therapeutic, 2 a day is performance - take it consistently till it's gone and change your lifestyle (diet) accordingly with how big of results you want. Taken properly, this product is a vehicle to a change in your life, physically, mentally, financially for the better, but it all starts with the driver! I only wrote this cause I love what this does for me and others and think it's not fair negative people with dictate your decisions! Thanks


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    Supposed to say "referrer and will dictate"*

Apr 06, 2017

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