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I chose them based on reviews but have had a lot of issues. I made around eight orders over the last year and had a problem on half the orders with very poor quality coins or damaged cases on items like coin proof sets. I also got 10oz silver bars that were supposed to be individually sealed where half of the packs were broken open. After requesting replacements for very poor quality coins or damaged items on my last order time they refused to replace a 1962 mint set that is severely tarnished (it should have never been sold at the full price of what a good quality set would cost with what I received being of such low quality) and they told me they will no longer replace ANY damaged items I receive from them in the future.

Obviously I told them how disappointed I was with them considering they are the ones who choose the products and package them for shipping. They do not use sufficient, and by that I mean hardly any, packing material to protect the products during shipping. If you are shipping a silver or gold bar that won't matter much but when shipping coins sets in plastic cases it matters a lot.

A good retailer who had sent broken and poor quality items to a customer so often should apologize for these issues and make assurances that it is not normal instead of telling that customer they will no longer fulfill the return policy they have purported to me so many times as their policy of replacing any damaged items.

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      6th of Jul, 2012

    I can honestly say that I've never had any issues with Provident. Its not my place to say whether or not the OP is being entirely truthful, but it just seems a little exaggerated to me. How can one person have problems with 50% of their orders and then a person like me have no issues with any of my 14 orders. And if you were constantly receiving sub par service, why would you continue to buy from them? I've been buying from Provident for probably 3 years now. I placed my first test order for a 10 oz JM silver bar back when the website just launched...and it looked very shady! I was definitely prepared to lose the $190 I spent on that bar. The website just didnt make me feel confident about buying from them, but their premiums were so low, I felt I should give it a shot. 3 days later, the package was at my house and I've been buying form them ever since.

    Low premiums and good selection. Provident is my go-to PM dealer.

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      9th of Jul, 2012 - Provident metal gold scam
    United States

    Provident metal gold scam.

    1. false market loss charge
    2. false market loss admin charge
    3. no actual market loss
    4. they wait until market drops then request the market loss charges

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      16th of Nov, 2012

    They've been my primary source of precious metals investment for least online. Never had a problem. No matter who a person chooses to do business with...7-11, K-Mart, Sears, etc...there are going to be circumstances that come about. I would imagine they have thousands of happy customers like myself. Some people are hard to please frankly. These guys are no more a "scam" then any other business you'll deal with online. They've always made things easy and affordable for me.

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