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The people at Provident Funding do not know what they are doing! My mother paid off her loan in July 2009. A reconveyance letter was supposed to be sent to the SLC County Recorder's Office to have them update their information showing that the loan has been paid in full, there are no liens on the house, and she holds the title free and clear. Needless to say, the County Recorder's Office never received any documents from Provident Funding. We have been trying to get Provident Funding to do the necessary paperwork, so the reconveyance letter will be sent to the County Recorder's Office. They seem to think that it is not necessary to send any documents to the Title Company who is the Trustee. Well no wonder nothing got done. Provident Funding finally said that they could not do anything further unless we get a "Preliminary Title" report from the County Recorder's Office stating that the reconveyance letter was not received and has not been recorded...for some reason they could not call themselves. When I spoke to the County Recorder's Office, they said they don't fill out any reports like Provident Funding was requesting and that Provident Funding should involve the Title Company. Well, I was not getting anywhere, so I finally got the title company's information from the County Recorder's Office and gave them a call. Funny, that Provident Funding said they didn't have the title company's number when I asked them. Anyway, a person at the title company said that Provident Funding should have contacted them and they will get necessary information from Provident Funding. Now this person at the title company seems like he knows what he is doing, not like the incompetent people at Provident Funding. I feel that I will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! I hope that this will get resolved soon! It has been 9 months since this whole process began.

On another note…when I wanted to complain to a manager, Provident Funding would not let me speak to one. They said their managers don't speak to customers, even if it is a complaint. It's funny that the managers don't want to know of any problems within their company. I worked for a bigger company than Provident Funding. And the managers spoke to customers, if there were unresolved problems that lasted for months.

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      27th of May, 2010

    I can understand. Provident Funding is a master of scam artists

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